CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - Jan 25, 2012) - Mattersight Corporation (NASDAQ: MATR) today announced the expansion of its Behavioral Analytics service with Predictive Customer Satisfaction Analytics. Predictive Customer Satisfaction Analytics automatically predicts the Customer Satisfaction score a customer will give following an interaction. Using Mattersight's Predictive Customer Satisfaction Analytics, every captured customer interaction is given a customer satisfaction score, without the need of the customer completing a post-interaction survey.

Prior to Mattersight's Predictive Customer Satisfaction Analytics, companies had to rely on post-interaction surveys to measure customer satisfaction. This approach requires the customer to opt-in to a post-interaction survey, resulting in several issues and challenges:

  • Results that are not actionable, especially at the employee level
  • Small sample sizes that are not statistically valid
  • A survey respondent population that often doesn't match the typical caller population
  • The high cost of implementing surveying tools

While companies increasingly understand the connection between customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and repurchase rates, until now they have found that customer satisfaction surveys lack actionable information to measurably improve customer satisfaction.

Mattersight's Behavioral Analytics Service solves this problem by automatically analyzing every second of every captured interaction, using millions of proprietary algorithms and unique behavioral models. The output of this analysis is hundreds of contextually accurate data attributes. Using advanced predictive modeling techniques, these data attributes are correlated to customer satisfaction and the resulting models assign a customer satisfaction score to every captured interaction. Mattersight deploys these advanced predictive analytics using its SaaS+ delivery model, combining analytics in the cloud with deep customer partnerships to drive significant business value.

"Our customers express a strong need to improve Customer Satisfaction, but their current data isn't actionable," said Kelly Conway, Mattersight's President and CEO. "With Predictive Customer Satisfaction Analytics, they'll have the insight necessary to drive measurable improvement in Customer Satisfaction."

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Mattersight is a leader in an emerging category of enterprise analytics focused on customer and employee interactions and behaviors. Mattersight's Behavioral Analytics service captures and analyzes customer and employee interactions, employee desktop data and other contextual information to improve operational performance and predict future customer and employee outcomes. Mattersight's analytics are based on millions of proprietary algorithms and the application of unique behavioral models. The company's SaaS+ delivery model combines analytics in the cloud with deep customer partnerships to drive significant business value. Mattersight's applications are used by leading companies in Healthcare, Insurance, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Cable, Utilities and Government. See What Matters™ by visiting

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