MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Jan. 26, 2012) - freedomone mobile, a sourcevolution company providing innovative mobile solutions for businesses, has announced that it is now ready to offer its mobile communication platform freedomone™ in cloud computing mode, thus allowing it to offer its solution as software as a service (SaaS). The freedomone™ platform is hosted in a private, banking-type cloud which offers the highest security standards in Canada. In addition to creating a mobile communication platform that offers innovative features, freedomone mobile has maintained its leading-edge position by once again developing an offering that is unique on the market. Not only is it the first company in Quebec to offer a cloud-based mobile solution; freedomone mobile is also the only company to have a private cloud dedicated exclusively to mobility.

Aside from developing its platform on IBM's robust WebSphere infrastructure, freedomone mobile has opted for a high level security (Tier 4) hosting service, thus continuing to meet the most challenging requirements of large organizations. Companies operating in the freedomone™ cloud will be able to design mobile services, such as applications or mobile sites, quickly and effectively. They will also reduce their time and costs associated with mobile solutions development, infrastructure implementation, maintenance and technical support.

"With the integration of cloud computing into our offering, innovation marches forward at freedomone mobile, thanks to judicious investments," says Pierre Paul Samson, CTO of freedomone mobile. "We are continuing our commitment to provide a solid mobile communication solution, based on technologies and services that are recognized for their reliability and security, in order to help organizations adopt mobility in an effective, sustainable way. This commitment extends beyond mobile development, and applies equally to infrastructure, telecommunications, hosting and certifications."

freedomone™ is a patented world-class mobile communication platform entirely developed in Quebec. It enables organizations to design mobile services, to have context-aware communications with their end users across multiple channels, as well as see trends in their mobile business processes. With the availability of this solution in a private cloud, organizations now have access to a top security environment in which they can host their mobile applications, as well as access international SMS messaging. As a result, companies will not only have a faster time to market with their mobile services, they will gain the benefit of state-of-the-art technology without having to develop or implement it themselves. Everything is in place to help companies enter the era of mobility.

About freedomone mobile

Founded in 2011, freedomone mobile was created as a product division of sourcevolution, an IT company offering business intelligence, architecture and development solutions, as well as mobile solutions for large corporations. The mission of freedomone mobile is to internationally market its breakthrough solution freedomone™, a mobile communication platform enabling organizations to optimize business operations - bi-directionally, contextually and across multiple channels. To learn more about freedomone mobile, please visit

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