OULU, FINLAND--(Marketwire - Feb 1, 2012) - CyberLightning Ltd. today launched CyberSlide, a 3D stereographic presentation engine and conversion tool that quickly and easily imports business presentations into 3D environments.

Now available for download direct from CyberLightning, CyberSlide for Windows PCs highlights the growing value of 3D and stereo imagery as a part of interactive multimedia business applications. With CyberSlide, the audience in a business presentation is transported into virtual environments, including custom worlds designed to support specific themes and brands.

"CyberSlide addresses the need for content and services to drive use of 3D and stereo imagery in business communications," said Jani Pirkola, founder and chief executive officer of CyberLightning. "Quite simply, presentations made in rich, stereoscopic 3D create greater audience engagement."

Recognizing that applications for 3D technology scale across platforms, CyberLightning also announced that it has released a viewing application for the LG Optimus 3D P920 Android smartphone, the world's first 3D stereo capable mobile phone.

Rich Worlds, Easy-to-Use

The CyberSlide stereographic 3D presentation engine automatically converts standard presentation text and graphics into 3D images displayed within a virtual 3D world. CyberLightning CyberSlide 1.0 for Enterprises contains the "Beneath the Waves" virtual world, and the company will release additional worlds for download. CyberLightning also offers programming and design services to create custom, branded environments for corporate marketing and advertising groups.

To convert a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, a user opens CyberSlide, drags the desired file into the converter window and selects the virtual world scene/ environment to use. Presentations are shown automatically at the highest resolution supported by the display, from HD to mobile device quality, and the 3D or 3D stereoscopic option is user selectable. The presentation also can be converted to video for easy sharing with colleagues.


Priced at $179, CyberLightning CyberSlide 1.0 for Enterprises is available for download now at http://www.cybersli.de

About CyberLightning

CyberLightning is paving the road to the 3D Internet, beginning with tools to improve business communications and collaboration. The company was founded in 2010 by a core team at the Center for Internet Excellence at University of Oulu, Finland. More information is available at www.cyberlightning.com

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Jani Pirkola
CyberLightning Ltd.
+358 10 271 2131

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