PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - Feb 2, 2012) - Transfer Online, Inc. announced the launch of their new corporate website and proprietary transfer agent software application. As the first transfer agency to make their services fully available online, Transfer Online has put over 12 years of experience and feedback into the development of their new applications.

The website, www.transferonline.com, features a simple interface for easy navigation along with eye-catching graphics. The website showcases a wide array of services including: Transfer Agent & Registrar, EDGAR XBRL Filings, Press Release, Escrow and Proxy services. Issuers and shareholders are able to login to their accounts and have 24/7 access to reports, stockholdings, proxy voting, dividends and much more in a secure environment.

With this software release, Transfer Online secures its place at the top of the transfer agent industry well equipped to provide the highest level of service to their clients.

"Transfer Online has always been at the forefront of innovation, technology, compliance and security in the Transfer agent industry. We won't stop here; we want to continue to always bring our clients and their shareholders the very best." -Lori Livingston, CEO of Transfer Online, Inc.

About us

Transfer Online is an SEC-registered stock transfer agent. For over 12 years, Transfer Online has brought together extraordinary customer service and cutting edge technology for a new model in corporate recordkeeping and Transfer Agent services.

Visit us at: www.transferonline.com

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Transfer Online
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