Valentine's Day Etiquette: Fondue and Fon-don't Tips From Emmi of Switzerland


BOONTON, N.J., Feb. 6, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Whether it's an intimate dinner for two or a family fun festivity, Valentine's Day is the perfect time to share the fun of fondue. Meaning "melted" in French, fondue originated in 18th Century Switzerland and is available today as a savory cheese treat or sweet chocolate dessert. Emmi of Switzerland, one of the world's premier dairy companies, has put together these "fon-do and fon-don't" tips to make sure your Valentine's Day dinner is an interactive delight.


  • Variety is the spice of life! Be creative and serve a wide variety of dippables. Crusty bread, fresh fruit and veggies, boiled shrimp, marshmallows and cookies are all wonderful in fondue. Just be sure everything is prepared ahead in bite-size pieces.
  • Mix it up! Fondue is the perfect appetizer, main course or dessert. If you want to start with chocolate and end with cheese, it's up to you!
  • Swiss Kiss! It is tradition when eating fondue, to kiss the person to your right if you drop your bread in the cheese. (It's ok to do it on purpose…)


  • Don't forget to stir. As the night keeps moving, be sure to keep your fondue moving. Stir it up to so your cheese or chocolate fondue remains smooth.
  • Don't double dip. Every fork- or skewer-full should contain a new, unbitten morsel. (If a piece falls in the fondue, see fon-do tip #3 above!)
  • Don't hide any surprises. While fondue offers a lot of interactive eating enjoyment, it is not a good place to stash an engagement ring or other surprise gifts for your sweetie.

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