SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 9, 2012) - Personal Capital, the online financial advisor where people manage their entire financial life on a single dashboard, has launched a new high-yield savings service to complement its personalized investment service.

"The key to your long-term financial security is diversification -- across cash, stocks, bonds and alternatives, both U.S. and international," said Bill Harris, CEO of Personal Capital. "We now give you access to high-yield FDIC-insured savings and CDs, plus high-yield savings accounts in fifteen international currencies which also have FDIC insurance."

"The average money market mutual fund is yielding 0.02% -- that's just two cents a year for every hundred dollars invested. And the Federal Reserve just announced that short-term interest rates will be kept near zero for the next three years," said Rob Foregger, Personal Capital's Chief Strategy Officer. "We will create a customized strategy to address all of your savings needs."

  • Yield - Earn high interest rates, both in dollars and in other currencies.
  • Safety - Secure the protection of U.S. government guarantees.
  • Access - Get immediate access to your savings at any time.
  • Emergencies - Maintain a cushion of many months of your living expenses in cash.
  • Diversification - Diversity across currencies to limit risk from any single economy.

"As your personal financial advisor, we can implement your strategy using multiple banks and custodians," said Foregger. "You don't have to chase yield by hopping from bank to bank, or lose money by letting cash balances sit in checking or low-interest accounts. With our 'Savings Concierge' service, we do the work for you."

Personal Capital offers a free electronic dashboard to track all your financial activity -- including cash savings -- in one place, plus the tools and personal advice to manage your money. To learn more, please visit, or call one of our financial advisors at 855-855-8005.

About Personal Capital

Personal Capital is the next generation of financial advisor. Built from the ground up with real-time technologies delivered over web and mobile channels, the company provides its clients with free instant access to their money at all their banks and brokers, plus the analysis and advice to make sense of it all.

Personal Capital also offers the kind of sophisticated and personalized wealth management previously available only to wealthy families with five million dollars or more. The company melds technology with professional advisors to help households with complex financial lives manage their wealth. Call us today to talk to a financial advisor at 855-855-8005.

The founding team includes leading innovators in financial technology, who have banded together to do it again. The investors are Institutional Venture Partners (IVP) and Venrock, two of the world's most respected venture capital firms. Personal Capital is based in San Francisco and Redwood City in the heart of Silicon Valley.

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