PITTSBURGH, PA--(Marketwire - Feb 9, 2012) - The Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys discuss the state's new bicycle safety laws and are prepared to help individuals who have been injured in an accident while riding a bicycle. Beginning in April, Pennsylvania's new bicycle safety law will go into effect. The law, HB 170, will require motorists to maintain at least four feet of distance between their vehicle and bicyclists when passing them on the roadway. In order to make this regulation feasible, motorists will be allowed to cross the double yellow line to enter an opposing traffic lane, as long as no oncoming traffic is visible. The law also gives cyclists the right to ride slower than the maximum speed limit and prohibits motorists from cutting off cyclists when making a right turn.

These regulations are an important step towards protecting the health and safety of all those who use Pennsylvania roads. As Americans have increasingly turned to bicycles as an alternative means of transportation, the potential for serious injuries to occur has been significantly elevated. In 2007, the most recent year for which data are available, nearly 700 cyclists were killed in accidents with motor vehicles, and 43,000 cyclists reported injuries resulting from an automobile accident.

While Pennsylvania's new law will be beneficial to the safety of cyclists, the potential for serious injury remains a considerable threat. Any accident between a bicyclist and a motor vehicle can have devastating consequences, including costly medical bills and life-altering physical damage. For this reason, the Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers of Lowenthal & Abrams, P.C., are prepared to assist all those who have been involved in a bicycle accident to pursue the compensation to which they may be entitled for their damages.

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