HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - Feb 10, 2012) - The PTSD Foundation of America announces that we have ended our relationship with Paul Schroeder. We in no way condone Paul's false account of his own military experience. Everyone involved in the work of the Foundation was shocked with the recent revelation of Paul's misleading background. What we saw in Paul was a person of great passion to help others, and a unique ability to help many, many struggling souls.

We are, and will continue to be, a transparent organization. Any past, present or future donors that are concerned with where their contributions are going are more than welcome to view our financial statements.

The purpose and mission of the PTSD Foundation of America has been reconfirmed through this unfortunate event and we are committed to our continued support and ceaseless efforts in ministering to all of our military community, law enforcement officials, first responders, and their families. Our veterans need help and assistance on many levels, and we encourage our community to get involved by expressing their unsurpassed compassion.

The PTSD Foundation of America is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 as a dba under Impact XXI Houston and is dedicated to mentoring to combat veterans and their families experiencing post traumatic stress. We feel it is our duty as Americans to help these mighty warriors and their families adjust and find their new normal. PTSD is faith-based in its approach and has a great history of providing hope and healing to combat veterans. Our teams consist of Veterans, Active and Reserve Service Members as well as civilians that have a heart for the military and their families. Please visit our website at www.ptsdUSA.org to learn more.

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