PROVO, UT--(Marketwire - Feb 10, 2012) - The United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission today granted approval for the construction and operation of two nuclear power reactors at Southern's Company Vogtle site, in the State of Georgia. This Construction and Operating License (COL) is the first permit granted in the United States under the new one-step licensing process, which replaced the old multi-step licensing process that ensnarled the construction of nuclear power plants in the 1970s and 80s. The COL grants a construction and operation permit simultaneously, with the requirement that the plant be constructed and operated strictly in accordance with the license.

Nils Diaz, Chief Strategic Officer of Blue Castle Holdings, the developer of the two nuclear unit power station at Green River, Utah, commented on the significance of the license approval: "The approval of the COL for the Vogtle plant demonstrates the predictability of the new licensing process for the construction and operation of power plants in the US, as well as the importance of new nuclear base-loaded electrical generation for stable prices of electricity and sustained economic growth."

Around the country, the news has been heralded as new impetus to the deployment of nuclear power and to its impact on employment and economics. The President of the Nuclear Energy Institute, an industry lobbying group, Marvin Fertel, stated that the NRC vote "... recognizes the importance of expanding nuclear energy as a key component of a low-carbon energy future that is central to job creation, diversity of electricity supply and energy security." Jim Ferland, President of Westinghouse America, manufacturer of the AP1000 reactor for Vogtle, stated that the license granted today creates "3,000 construction jobs for many years and 35,000 indirect jobs for the long term."

The region around the Blue Castle Project has economically benefited from the millions of dollars invested into the project site characterization over the past year. BCH has hired several local and national firms for on-site and off-site investigations to prepare an Early Site Permit (ESP) application to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). It is expected that about 1,000 permanent full-time employees will work at the plant for 60 years, and that up to 3,000 workers will work during the projected six year construction of the dual unit plant.

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Blue Castle Holdings Inc. (BCH or the Company) is an energy infrastructure development company based in Utah and Colorado. It is presently developing the leading new nuclear plant project site in the Western U.S. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Willow Creek LLC (WC), the Company is also engaged in the construction, replacement and repair of natural gas, crude oil pipelines and fuel storage facilities for its customers located in Intermountain West.

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