HELI-EXPO, DALLAS, TEXAS--(Marketwire - Feb. 12, 2012) - Pratt & Whitney Canada's (P&WC) PW210S is moving into the production phase of the program. The engine received Transport Canada certification this past October, manufacturing approval and FAA validation this past December - and has since delivered six production engines to launch customer Sikorsky. The PW210S was selected by Sikorsky for the S-76D medium-sized helicopter targeting corporate, offshore oil, medical, airline and government operators around the world. Pratt & Whitney Canada is a United Technologies Corp. company (NYSE:UTX).

"We are ramping up to full production levels and are very excited to bring this program into the next phase," said John Saabas, President of P&WC. "The PW210S has been designed to offer the highest power-to-weight ratio and lowest fuel burn in the market, which translates into payload and range benefits for the helicopter."

To give operators high levels of power and lower fuel burn, P&WC turned to advanced aerodynamics and innovative manufacturing materials, including a control system featuring Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC). The FADEC brings a step-change in ease of pilot operation and training, state-of-the-art diagnostics capability, including automatic fractional cycle counting, automated power assurance and unmatched operating economics and safety.

The PW210S is a new-generation engine for large single and intermediate-to-medium twin helicopters in the 1,000 shp class. Engineered to handle any challenge the helicopter market might send its way, the PW210 is powering a new era in the 1,000 SHP class. The engine was designed with the operator in mind, delivering a wide range of power options for reliability and toughness. P&WC made it easier for the professional at the controls by offering reduced pilot workload. The best was selected from the PW200 engine family to make the PW210 the best engine in its class.

Sikorsky's S-76D helicopter achieved first flight on February 7, 2009 and its test flight program is continuing, with helicopter certification scheduled for this year.

PW200: Powering Most of the World's Light-Twin Helicopters

The PW200 is regarded as the industry's benchmark engine for the new generation of light-twin helicopters ranging from 500 shp to 800 shp. Helicopters powered by the PW200 are employed in a number of applications and enjoy strong demand in emergency medical services, utility, law enforcement and general business. The PW200 is simple in its operation, with only three major rotating components and a modular design that enables easy maintenance.

PW210: Giving Flight to a New Generation of Aircraft

The new PW210 engine has been developed to meet market demand in the 1,000 shp range. The PW210 is shaping a new generation of large single and intermediate-to-medium twin-engine helicopters raising the bar in terms of operating performance in its class. Certified in 2011, the PW210S model will power Sikorsky's new S-76D helicopter. Another model, the PW210A has been selected to power the new AgustaWestland AW169 helicopter in the 4.5 ton class.

Around the Clock, Around the World: P&WC is Ready to Respond

P&WC works to keep customers flying efficiently and reliably. With over 30 P&WC-owned and designated service facilities and more than 100 field support representatives around the globe, a 24/7 Customer First Centre for rapid expert support, the most advanced diagnostic capabilities and the largest pool of rental and exchange engines in the industry, the full resources of P&WC are available to customers around the clock, around the world, everywhere they need P&WC to be.

About Pratt & Whitney Canada

Founded in 1928, and a global leader in aerospace, Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) is shaping the future of business aviation with dependable, high-technology engines. Every second, a P&WC-powered aircraft takes off or lands somewhere in the world. P&WC's engines, with close to 600 million hours in the air, are the industry benchmark for innovative design, dispatch reliability, operating economics and easy maintenance. P&WC is firmly committed to ensuring that its products are designed, produced and operated while minimizing environmental impacts throughout their life cycle.

There are currently more than 49,000 engines in service on more than 28,000 aircraft operated by some 10,200 operators in 200 countries. The most extensive support network in the industry, which includes more than 30 company-owned and designated service facilities, supports this global fleet.

P&WC has been taking front-line services to the next level with its Customer First Centre (CFirst). CFirst brings together a multidisciplinary and multilingual support team to resolve issues so that customers can return to service quickly. CFirst handles more than 120,000 contacts every year.

Based in Longueuil, Quebec (Canada), P&WC is a United Technologies Corp. company (NYSE:UTX). UTC is a diversified company providing high-technology products and services to the global aerospace and building industries.

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