MEDFORD, WI--(Marketwire - Feb 13, 2012) - Hurd Windows and Doors announced that 2011 was a banner year for the company despite the fact that the new home market hasn't yet fully recovered. In a year when many manufacturers dealt with downsizing, Hurd expanded its facilities, introduced new products, hired a number of associates and raced to keep up with product demand. What's more, the Wisconsin-based company is also looking forward to even more success in 2012.

According to Hurd Windows and Doors President and CEO Dominic Truniger, the company's successful year was jump-started in January by the purchase of SuperSeal Windows and Doors located in South Plainfield, New Jersey. The SuperSeal line of premium vinyl windows and patio doors augmented Hurd's wood window business --enhancing growth opportunities that allowed the company to expand its Medford headquarters, while making the SuperSeal product line available nationally and internationally.

Hurd Windows is so proud of its success in 2011, in fact, it initiated an aggressive new ad campaign to bring this message to the market. The two page spreads, which began running this month, pointedly tell customers and prospective customers alike why Hurd is growing in spite of the continued slump in the housing market. Hurd is also kicking-off 2012 with its sponsorship of the Show Village Home at the International Builders Show. Hurd's innovative Ultra-R glazing will be featured.

Three other key elements contributing to Hurd's success have been innovation, growing its distribution network and diversification. The company successfully penetrated new market segments, including light commercial and remodeling and renovation (R&R), while expanding its foreign market presence. Other factors attributed to Hurd's growth include:

  • The implementation of a new, state-of-the art systems integration for more efficient bidding, ordering, pricing, manufacturing and delivery.
  • Overwhelming industry response to the award-winning H3 mid-priced wood window.
  • The introduction of the industry-leading line of performance glazings, EcoSystem.
  • The cutting-edge technology in Ultra-R glazing that offers some of the highest R-value windows on the market.
  • A manufacturing partnership with Vista Point Door Systems announced in October.
  • A new vinyl window manufacturing plant due to be in operation in February.

Hurd's challenge for 2011 was keeping up with demand given the significant increase in product sales. To that end, Hurd has been adding people to its workforce while other manufacturers have been faced with layoffs. In the new year, Hurd plans to hire even more people as it ramps up advertising and production. As a reward for its associates' hard work and sacrifice during tough financial times, Hurd paid out its first ever profit sharing in December and is also optimistic in reinstating its 401k match program in early 2012.

As 2011 drew to an end, Hurd had a bookend to complement its great beginning. The window and door maker has again been nominated for a Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year award.

"We may have been hit earlier in the housing market crash, but we're pulling out of it faster," said Truniger. "We are an aggressive company. So, the more the market collapsed, the harder we worked. It is by no accident that we find ourselves in this position right now."

HWD Acquisition, Inc. is headquartered in Medford, Wisconsin. Hurd is a brand with a 90-year tradition of building custom wood windows and doors to the highest standards of excellence and quality. For more information, visit

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