LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 14, 2012) - Before Nadine Levin (www.nadinelevinphotography.com) began photographing cowboys and horses, there was one genre that captured the eye of her lens, wild animals. Nadine traveled to the most exotic locales around the world capturing images that depict the serenity of nature. Levin used an Olympus L3 film camera, a Canon Elan 77E film camera, and three different Canon digital cameras, the 1D Mark III, the 20D and the 7D for her most recent. Four countries later, Nadine Levin announces the debut of her Wildlife collection.

Well adept in photographing on horseback, the remote locations proved to be no challenge for the seasoned photographer. From riding safari jeeps, to flying in hot air balloons, Nadine was adamant in obtaining the perfect shot.

This brilliant collection is a compilation of images from her travels in Africa, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, and Hawaii. Nadine first drew inspiration in 1996 during a safari in Kenya. The photographer gushes, "The most difficult thing was stopping myself from getting out of the vehicle to get a closer look! I have always loved animals and being able to see and photograph them in the wild was an amazing adventure."

Throughout Africa, Nadine captured breathtaking photos of a pride of lions, a graceful tower of giraffes, and a rare herd of Grevy's Zebra, which exist in two areas of the world. Nadine shot animals at a proximal distance; her photos of chimpanzees and rhinoceroses were taken from only three feet away! Venturing to Costa Rica, Nadine photographed the most exotic critters, including the rare red-eyed tree frog.

Nadine's collection illuminates her innate abilities as a photographer, flawlessly showcasing the essence and personality of each animal. Reminiscing over her travels, she said, "I can never go to a zoo again. When you see lions roaming the land where they belong, or a herd of elephants gathered around the baby to protect it, it's an amazing thing. Watching animals in their natural habitat is truly a life changing experience."

The finesse in Nadine's photography is a testimony to her accomplishments and epitomizes her passion towards the environment.

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