KANSAS CITY, MO--(Marketwire - Feb 14, 2012) - Van Osdol & Magruder, P.C., The Biggest Little Law Firm® in Kansas City, created a new internal entrepreneurial group to support local entrepreneurs and startups. The practice group, known as VOMER Entrepreneurial Law, is already providing free legal seminars and affordable legal services to startups in their earliest stages, as well as expert legal counseling to entrepreneurs and startups that are closer to securing outside investments.

The practice group is led by lawyers David Kim, Duncan McQueen and Chris Brown. Kim, business and corporate attorney at Van Osdol & Magruder, P.C., explained how VOMER Entrepreneurial Law is different. "Van Osdol & Magruder maintains a traditional law firm approach and is assisting entrepreneurs with a full range of services, in keeping with the overall firm philosophy. The entrepreneurial practice group insists on providing timely, relevant and experienced advice to entrepreneurs and startups so they can prevent the legal problems most entrepreneurs will encounter," said Kim.

Joshua C. Rowland, executive director of Lead Ventures, a local business accelerator and incubator, explained that VOMER Entrepreneurial Law is essential for small businesses. "VOMER Entrepreneurial Law demonstrates the commitment and sensitivity to small business growth that we were looking for in a strategic partner," said Rowland.

Kim added that while many attorneys feel entrepreneurial law is the same as general business law, Van Osdol & Magruder, P.C. understands there are many differences and an attorney without the proper training and experience can end up causing many problems for entrepreneurs and startups as well as charging excessive fees in the process.

Van Osdol & Magruder, P.C. is located in Downtown Kansas City, Mo. Trademarked as The Biggest Little Law Firm® in Kansas City, the firm focuses on maximizing value for its clients while remaining mindful of legal expenses (www.vomer.com).

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