WORTHINGTON, OH--(Marketwire - Feb 14, 2012) - As U.S. economic conditions remain tumultuous and American consumer practicality remains high, many companies are looking to the booming Chinese market for growth opportunities. But, how can companies find success within a marketplace and culture that is so fundamentally different? The answer lies with understanding the needs and wants of the Chinese consumer, and the ProsperChina™ Tablet App and InsightCenter™ from Prosper is the key to developing this knowledge.

With this app, marketers will be able to get a quarterly look at the Chinese market through the eyes of the Chinese consumer -- their attitudes toward the economy, how and where they plan to spend, how they consume media, and which media influences them to purchase. The ProsperChina InsightCenter is unique because it pulls quarterly insights from more than 16,000 consumers across China for key insights on grocery, health and beauty, apparel, electronics, fast food, mobile, automotive, and more -- from 14 key consumer segments.

Available in both English and Mandarin, the ProsperChina App and InsightCenter is the key to staying up-to-date on the plans and attitudes of the rapidly changing Chinese consumer.

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The ProsperChina InsightCenter is powered by Prosper Technologies™, a Prosper Business Development brand. With a tradition of innovation for over 20 years, Prosper has provided market leadership and developed contemporary solutions to help companies at the top of their respective industries navigate change that impacts their business. Prosper has developed solutions that provide answers to today's most urgent marketing issues.

About ProsperChina™ InsightCenter™
The ProsperChina InsightCenter illustrates how Chinese consumers feel about China's economy, changes they are making in reaction to economic fluctuations, where they are shopping, how they are using media including smartphones and other new media, and much more. Whether your company is already located in China or you are looking to expand into the Chinese market, the ProsperChina InsightCenter goes beyond traditional point-in-time data reports to trended insights in one easy-to-use, decision-ready format. With a click of the mouse or a tap on a touch screen, users at any level within your organization can gain the knowledge needed to effectively market to the Chinese consumer.

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