CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - Feb 14, 2012) - Mattersight Corporation (NASDAQ: MATR) today announced the expansion of its Behavioral Analytics service to include Predictive Routing. Mattersight's Predictive Routing automatically routes customer calls based on advanced algorithms that predict the best available contact center agent to handle each specific caller. Mattersight's Predictive Routing integrates easily with market-leading telephony and routing systems to route callers based on this robust predictive pairing analysis.

Mattersight's Predictive Routing leverages Behavioral Analytics data to address a number of important gaps in many companies' current routing strategies:

  • Agent performance is highly variable, which most routing strategies do not take into account when assigning work
  • Better performing agents often have the lowest utilization rates, while lower performing agents typically have the highest utilization rates
  • Companies infrequently use data specific to an individual customer to route them to the most appropriate agent based on their needs and circumstances

These gaps exist due to two significant issues that companies have been unable to solve until now: 1) the lack of deep analytical data about customer behavior and agent performance; and 2) a high performance data mart that can robustly support the real-time responses required by routing applications.

Mattersight's Behavioral Analytics service solves these issues by automatically analyzing every second of every captured interaction in the cloud, using millions of proprietary algorithms and unique behavioral models. The output of this analysis is hundreds of contextually accurate data attributes used to measure agent performance and individual customer expectations and behaviors. This information is then stored in Mattersight's data mart so that when a call comes in Mattersight's Predictive Routing algorithms respond in milliseconds with a rank order list of the best available agents.

In addition to leveraging new agent performance data, Mattersight's Predictive Routing leverages important new customer data, such as:

  • Previous interaction history and outcomes
  • Customer Satisfaction score
  • Attrition Likelihood score
  • Probability to Purchase score
  • Customer Personality

Using this data enables companies to drive significant and immediate cost reduction; improve First Call Resolution; increase customer satisfaction, retention, and sales; and improve customer experience. Additionally, Mattersight's Predictive Routing comes with an adjustable governor which ensures no agent is over-utilized.

"A number of customers consider using advanced and detailed analytic data to route calls as the holy grail of call routing. We believe the combination of our analytics and our Predictive Routing is the solution customers have long been seeking," said Kelly Conway, Mattersight's President and CEO.

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