NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Feb 15, 2012) - Former Fortune 100 c-suite executive, bestselling author and internationally recognized business expert, Jeffrey Hayzlett offers audiences his knowledge, insights and expertise on change, growth and leadership.

The Sales 2.0 Conference, co-sponsored by Selling Power, Inc., is a SaaS industry event where top-level B2B sales, marketing, and sales operations leaders learn how to deliver better results to customers, streamline sales and marketing processes, and continuously meet and exceed revenue goals. Jeffrey Hayzlett will be a keynote speaker at the Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco, CA on April 3, 2012, where he will share how to successfully adapt to today's selling environment.

Hayzlett tells leaders, "We have become too familiar with downsizing in America; cutting employees, cutting budgets, cutting back -- trying to do more with less. It's time to grow, time to change, time to lead."

Selling Power magazine, the leading periodical for sales managers and sales VPs since 1981, features Hayzlett as the cover story in their first issue of 2012. Sales and marketing specialists looking to grow their companies look to content in Selling Power to gain insights into new strategies for growth. Expounding on themes in his new book, Running the Gauntlet: Essential lessons to lead, drive change and grow profits, Hayzlett reveals why embracing change and adapting yourself to it can make your future.

Hayzlett has years of international marketing, sales, and customer relationship management experience; he has led many successful marketing and business initiatives for a variety of companies throughout his illustrious career. Hayzlett's background includes executive operation of a private business development and public relations firm, senior management positions in strategic business development and marketing at several companies, including Cenveo, Webprint, and Kodak, and staff positions in the United States Senate and House of Representatives.

About Selling Power

Selling Power, Inc., is a multi-channel media company that produces Selling Power magazine, the leading periodical for sales managers and sales VPs since 1981. Gerhard Gschwandtner is Founder and CEO of Selling Power, Inc. He has interviewed some of the most successful leaders and experts in sales, business, sports, entertainment, and politics, including Mary Kay Ash, Marc Benioff, Michael Dell, George Forman, Seth Godin, Jay Leno, Bill Marriott, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, and Colin Powell. He has trained more than 10,000 salespeople around the world, authored 17 sales management books, and produces a five-minute video series at He is a recipient of the Sales & Marketing Executives International, Inc. 2010 Ambassador of Free Enterprise Award. Read his blog at or follow him on Twitter @gerhard20.

About Jeffrey Hayzlett

Jeffrey Hayzlett is a global business celebrity and former Fortune 100 c-suite executive. From small business to international corporations, he has put his creativity and extraordinary entrepreneurial skills into play, launching ventures blending his leadership perspectives, insights into professional development, mass marketing prowess and affinity for social media. He is a well-traveled public speaker, the author of the bestselling books, The Mirror Test and Running the Gauntlet, celebrity editor to one of the largest-circulation business publications and one of the most compelling figures in global business.

Jeffrey is an esteemed business and marketing expert, appearing frequently on programs like Fox Business News, MSNBC's Your Business and NBC's Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump. Drawing upon an eclectic background in business, buoyed by a stellar track record of keynote speaking, and deeply rooted in cowboy lore, Jeffrey energizes his role driving and delivering change. He is a turnaround architect of the highest order, a maverick marketer who delivers scalable campaigns, embraces traditional modes of customer engagement, and possesses a remarkable cachet of mentorship, corporate governance and brand building. For more information go to or follow him on Twitter @JeffreyHayzlett.