THOUSAND OAKS, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 15, 2012) - Xirrus®, the leader in high-performance wireless networks, announced today that it has deployed an 802.11n wireless network at New College Swindon, one of the largest campuses in the UK for A Level and GSCE students. The new high-performance network has created the UK's first wireless-only annexe, and allows the school to run a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scheme. This enables students and staff to connect to the campus network from anywhere, at any time, using their own devices. The reliable, scalable solution also supports extensive Machine-to-Machine communication (M2M), and has resulted in substantial cost savings and improved efficiency, amongst other benefits.

A recent renovation of the campus was the ideal opportunity for New College Swindon to investigate potential improvements to its wireless connectivity. With increasing demand from 3,000 full-time and 10,000 part-time students for remote access to applications and the Internet via their own laptops, tablets, and other devices, the school recognised the need for a new wireless network that could handle the ever-increasing user density.

"More and more students were coming to us wanting Wi-Fi and, more importantly, simply expecting it to be there and running at a high performance level, 100 percent of the time," said Phil Quinn, ICT Manager at New College Swindon. "The system we had just couldn't cope with the demand. After a thorough review, we chose Xirrus -- their technology is best in breed and their experts provided the most cost-effective solution with the right balance between network coverage and bandwidth. The transition to the new wireless network has been so successful that our testing of the wireless arrays was seamless. We took one classroom with 20 heavily used PCs and installed wireless cards. We didn't tell anyone, just put them in, left the cables in place, turned off the switch, and waited to see what fallout there might be. And there wasn't any. Students and staff didn't notice any difference and assumed the PCs were physically connected, which is testament to the reliability and performance of Xirrus Wireless Arrays."

The school has enjoyed a number of different benefits thanks to M2M, which the new network supports. For example, print costs have been reduced by connecting Multi-Functional Devices (machines which scan, print and copy) to the wireless network, and activating them by swipe cards. Interactive projectors, smartboards, and other digital displays are connected wirelessly and can be operated remotely -- and more efficiently than before -- using PCs and other devices. VoIP handsets, which will deliver cost savings on calls and, again, are connected wirelessly, are being rolled out.

"Students and staff are already realising the benefits of M2M functionality," said Quinn. "At the start of the project, I was told by other technology providers that M2M wasn't possible because of the amount of data that goes across. So to now have all these devices connected wirelessly and working flawlessly is incredible. With colleagues having suffered poor wireless experiences, many said to me 'you just can't do it.' Well, we did!"

Sean Larner, VP of EMEA Sales at Xirrus, said: "New College Swindon is a fantastic example of how wireless technology can be used innovatively to deliver concrete business benefits to an organisation. The campus now enjoys wireless connectivity that delivers wired performance and supports a BYOD scheme and M2M communication. We look forward to working with New College Swindon as their application of wireless networking evolves."

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