LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 16, 2012) - While many may try to mimic its properties, there is only one original reusable sticky roller. The Jordan Whitney list, the infomercial industry's prominent monitoring service, just officially reported Vince Offer's Schticky™ (www.schticky.com) as #5 on their charts. Only two weeks ago, Schticky was #50 on the charts, making this one of the largest spikes in the rankings' history.

From the creative visionary who brought you ShamWow!®, Vince Offer has done it again, proudly remarking, "We're just getting started. We are continuing to ramp our spending levels and are easily going to outspend any other campaign by a mile like we always do against the knock-offs that are attempting to ride on our coat tails. The response to Schticky has been huge."

In today's thriving economy, social media is becoming a prevalent measurement of consumer interest in a product because the consumers themselves control it.

According to Google Insights for Search, "Schticky" is the top brand of sticky removers that is searched both daily and overall on Google. Over the last two months, Schticky averaged three times more searches per day than its next closest competitor. Schticky has also become an Internet sensation with more than 1.5 million views of its commercial on YouTube along with its parodies, commentaries and discussions by thousands of fans. Meanwhile, the commercial for its next closest competitor had a paltry 8,000 views. The active publicity and effective marketing strategies have allowed Schticky™ to prosper as the original sticky remover in the industry.

"America has voted, and it's clear they like my Schticky better than the rest," Offer happily added. As he successfully pioneered the ShamWow!®, who outsold its competitors by a landslide, Vince Offer continued to use his innovative talents as he presented us with an authentic sticky roller that has redefined "sticky," giving us Schticky™. As Offer says, "Clean your home in a quicky, with Schticky™."

About Schticky™

Schticky™ is a reusable silicone roller that removes lint, pet hair and human hair from clothing and other fabrics. The trademark is owned by TV personality and pitchman Vince Offer, who also created and stars in the commercial for the product. Vince's first project, the ShamWow!® a super-absorbent cleaning cloth, sold more than 10 million units worldwide and quickly became a household name. It was followed by a second hit, the Slap Chop® kitchen utensil, which has sold 5 million units to date. Infomercial industry-leader Emson USA is the exclusive US retail distribution partner for Schticky™. For more information about the product, visit www.Schticky.com or www.EmsonInc.com.

For more information on the Schticky™, visit (www.Schticky.com), or to interview Vince Offer, please contact Los Angeles Publicist Eileen Koch of Eileen Koch & Company, a Public Relations, Marketing, and Branding Agency at 310-441-1000, or email Eileen@eileenkoch.com.

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