Source: Aristotle, Inc.

Congressional Agreement Receives WISPA Support

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - Feb 17, 2012) - The Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA) applauds the agreement by Congressional negotiators today that, as part of the payroll tax extension bill, affirms the FCC's authority to designate wireless frequencies for unlicensed use. When approved by the full Congress, this legislation will benefit consumers in many ways. Unlicensed spectrum is vital for innovation, for the growth of the American economy and for providing broadband internet access to millions of Americans who have no broadband access today.

A long-time WISPA goal has been to gain unlicensed access to the unused frequencies in the television band, the "TV White Space" frequencies between TV channels. Compared to the unlicensed microwave frequencies that are used today, TV White Space frequencies will allow fixed wireless Internet service providers (WISPs) to deliver broadband internet to customers and business locations that don't have a clear "line-of-sight" view to a wireless tower because of blockage by hills and trees.

Today's Conference Committee agreement allows the FCC to rely on their long-time expertise and to exercise their traditional authority to make spectrum decisions based on a full public record.

WISPA thanks Congress for confirming the value that unlicensed spectrum has for the Nation's economy and looks forward to continuing to work with the Congress and the FCC to quickly make additional unlicensed frequencies available to American consumers and innovators.