CHICAGO, IL and LONDON--(Marketwire - Feb 20, 2012) - CohesiveFT, leader in enterprise cloud control, was awarded a Framework Agreement to supply Specialist Cloud Services to the UK Government via its G-Cloud programme. The G-Cloud initiative intends to drive down IT costs, engage more with the SME tech suppliers, and increase the flexibility of procurement contracts. CohesiveFT will list its Cloud Container products and services for migration, networking, and orchestration on the G-Cloud 'CloudStore.'

The CloudStore, to be launched later this month, is the e-marketplace where successful suppliers, such as CohesiveFT, will make their services available for future procurement by public sector departments, like an Enterprise 'AppStore' for the public sector. Less than half of the more than 600 participating vendors were successful in completing the selection process. CohesiveFT's Cloud Migration and Cloud Networking products and services were selected for inclusion in the Specialist Cloud Services category on the CloudStore.

"The UK Government is becoming more innovative when it comes to IT procurement," says Chris Purrington, Managing Director of CohesiveFT UK. "The adoption of cloud computing on the server side will reap benefits from the economies of sharing, increased utilisation and lower cost, as well as increased responsiveness and flexibility. G-Cloud and its CloudStore are signs that the public sector is becoming more modern and flexible, and should deliver much better value to the UK tax payer."

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CohesiveFT's Elastic Server Cloud Container includes all the tools necessary to achieve "cloud convergence" across an IaaS portfolio comprised of numerous and overlapping software components, operating systems, and cloud and virtual platform choices. The CFT Cloud Container is comprised of three different virtual machine managers: ElasticServer, VPN-Cubed and Context-Cubed. Collectively these devices provide multi-cloud image automation, network virtualization, and topology automation. For more information on CohesiveFT's products, its Datacenter to Cloud Migration Services or its Virtual Networking Design Services please visit or email

The Secure Cloud Container has been used by global investment banks, telcos, retailers, energy companies and software vendors to leverage cloud computing for capacity expansion, dev and test environments on demand, disaster readiness, disaster recovery, and partner networks.

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