EAST GREENWICH, RI--(Marketwire - Feb 20, 2012) - The Woodhaven Production Company and Producer Chad A. Verdi proudly announce the VOD and DVD release of their feature film INKUBUS, a gruesome slasher flick starring horror icon Robert Englund (the original Freddy Krueger).

Inkubus, which premiered in theaters last Halloween to a sell out crowd, will hit stores nationwide on February 21st, and will simultaneously be released to over 80 million homes through NBC Universal VOD. "Having Inkubus at Redbox, Blockbuster, Amazon, Walmart and Target along with many other major outlets is a huge success for this film," stated Verdi, adding, "We knew Inkubus was something special when we finished it, but we could have never imagined such a huge release. We couldn't be happier with the film's success."

Inkubus tells the story of a satanic demon that terrorizes the police crew working the final shift at an abandoned Rhode Island police station. The night takes a gruesome turn when the demon, Inkubus (Robert Englund), calmly walks into the station holding the severed head of a murdered girl. Inkubus toys with the crew, allowing himself to be restrained, and begins to proudly confess to his litany of crimes, some dating back to the Middle Ages. Why? Inkubus has a score to settle with the one detective (William Forsythe) that almost put him away some thirteen years ago. The cops quickly become pawns in the demon's brutal crowning achievement of murder, gore, and mayhem. In the end, it is clear: it's Inkubus' world... they only die in it.

Inkubus, which stars Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street), William Forsythe (Halloween, The Devil's Rejects, HBO's Boardwalk Empire), Joey Fatone (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), Jonathan Silverman (Weekend at Bernie's) and Michelle Ray Smith (Salt), also features many Rhode Island natives, including Verdi himself. The film is directed by Glenn Ciano, produced by Verdi, Noah Kraft and Ciano, and introduces RI natives Tom DeNucci, Tom Paolino and Sera Verdi to the big screen.

"Inkubus is just the beginning for Woodhaven," said Verdi. "This Halloween we will be following up with our second horror film, Infected, where William Forsythe and Michael Madsen battle zombies to the death."

The Woodhaven Production Company, a subsidiary of Verdi Productions, is a fully funded film production company, covering all aspects of filmmaking from conception of script through postproduction.

Verdi Productions recently announced there next feature film, entitled PAZ, which is now in pre-production. The film will be directed by Ben Younger http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0950226/. For more information please see the official Promo here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-DvvJLFuP8.

For further information please contact woodhavenproductioncompany@gmail.com or visit Woodhaven on the web at www.woodhavenfilms.com.

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