HOBOKEN, NJ--(Marketwire - Feb 23, 2012) - EducationDynamics, higher education's leading marketing information and technology services company, today announced the launch of its latest media management solution, BrandWatchLive. The new service helps colleges and universities more easily monitor for non-compliant lead vendors and brand abuses by streamlining detection, reporting and remediation processes. BrandWatchLive joins a robust suite of solutions offered by EducationDynamics that better enable institutions to manage online marketing and recruitment efforts, such as LeadWatchLive, a sophisticated inquiry management system.

"Today colleges and universities should be proactive to not only ensure that their lead vendors are compliant with the applicable Department of Education and other marketing regulations, but to protect their brand against abuses that can easily undermine years of hard work," said Brian Miller, Chief Compliance Officer at EducationDynamics.

Among its key features, BrandWatchLive allows colleges and universities to:

  • Identify potentially non-compliant lead providers
  • Detect brand abuses on pages anywhere on the web
  • Automate resource-intensive reviews and communications
  • Provide transparent, in-depth reporting on infractions
  • Archive and centralize findings in one secure location

BrandWatchLive works by monitoring web pages for unapproved content or changes, allowing users to track any changes to a page, whether content has been added, deleted or updated. Users begin by submitting pages for monitoring, which BrandWatchLive will track on the selected schedule, comparing any changes against the original, approved copy. Once a change is detected, the system sends an alert to provide notice of a possible infraction so action can be taken to either accept the change or create jobs to notify vendors and confirm that they have seen the message and are responding appropriately. Additionally, users will be able to monitor keywords or keyword combinations, based on rules they create, to help reduce false positives or to flag content elsewhere on the web.

"BrandWatchLive was born out of our own monitoring efforts because we knew there had to be a better, easier way to maintain compliance with our brand standards and industry regulations. Instead of having to manually check each vendor individually, BrandWatchLive provides a central and secure way to monitor your brand anywhere on the web, not just the lead sources and campaigns you know about, offering further protection," said Malcolm McLeod, Vice President of Inquiry Management Solutions at EducationDynamics. "BrandWatchLive simplifies and automates much of the manual monitoring institutions are currently undertaking, making the process much more efficient and effective, as well as helping save precious time and resources."

While BrandWatchLive can be deployed as a stand-alone solution, for colleges and universities interested in comprehensive vendor management services, BrandWatchLive also seamlessly integrates with LeadWatchLive, providing a single-sign on solution that allows institutions to manage vendor creative and all communications with vendors, set allocations, establish triggers for compliance functionality to be activated based on a lead source's actions and pause and restart vendors and campaigns based on findings from brand monitoring.

For more information about BrandWatchLive, visit www.BrandWatchLive.com or contact Malcolm McLeod at 201-377-3291 or mmcleod@educationdynamics.com.

About BrandWatchLive
BrandWatchLive is a premier brand monitoring solution designed to help colleges and universities safeguard against potentially non-compliant lead vendors and brand abuses by streamlining detection, reporting and remediation processes. The latest media management tool from EducationDynamics, BrandWatchLive simplifies and automates much of the monitoring process, enabling institutions to go beyond the limitations of manual review and instead undertake a comprehensive monitoring campaign to better protect their brand. BrandWatchLive offers transparent, in-depth reporting on potential infractions and archives actions in a centralized, secure location and can be deployed as a stand-alone tool or as a single sign-on vendor management solution when integrated with LeadWatchLive, EducationDynamics' sophisticated management system. For more information, visit www.BrandWatchLive.com.

About LeadWatchLive™
LeadWatchLive is an inquiry management solution designed to aid schools in their student prospecting efforts. The system was developed in collaboration between EducationDynamics and some of its partner schools and provides a sophisticated inquiry management platform that caters to the specific needs of higher education institutions. LeadWatchLive provides schools with significant intelligence into the leads that convert the best, the lead sources that do and do not generate the greatest number of qualified students, as well as a streamlined media management process. Offered both as a licensed, self-service platform to help higher education marketing teams manage student prospects and optimize lead generation campaigns, or outsourced to EducationDynamics' Media Management Services, LeadWatchLive is just one of the many prospecting, enrollment and retention tools offered by EducationDynamics to help colleges and universities succeed in their student recruitment efforts. For more information, visit http://leadwatchlive.com/

About EducationDynamics
EducationDynamics is higher education's leading marketing information and technology services company dedicated to helping institutions find, enroll and retain students. Its content-rich and highly visible education websites, including EarnMyDegree.com, EducationConnection.com, eLearners.com, GradSchools.com, StudyAbroad.com, TestDriveCollege.com, TestDriveGradSchool.com and its special interest microsites, make EducationDynamics the premier provider of qualified prospective students for colleges and universities. In addition, the company offers a full suite of Web-delivered services proven to drive enrollment growth and reduce student attrition, as well as other innovative solutions including LeadWatchLive, its Web-based inquiry management system. Through Aslanian Market Research, the company brings decades of proprietary research, unparalleled market and student intelligence and best practice insights to clients. For more information, visit www.educationdynamics.com.

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