San Francisco, CA, March 5, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kiverdi, Inc., a privately held company that makes sustainable oils and oil-derived chemicals converted from carbon-rich waste, was selected as a finalist for the 4th Annual Sustainable Biofuels Awards. Kiverdi reached the shortlist in the "Leader in Bio-based Chemical Industry" category. Winners will be announced March 13-15, 2012 at the 7th annual World Biofuels Markets Congress & Exhibition in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Kiverdi’s proprietary Carbon EngineeringTM bioconversion system uses low-cost, readily available carbon-rich waste to produce the oil-derived chemicals needed for products like plastics, detergents, and fuel additives that are currently being produced today largely from fossil-fuel-based petrochemicals. Kiverdi’s flexible platform can recycle carbon from a number of sources including flue gas or waste-derived syngas from industrial waste, landfills, or wood waste.

Kiverdi’s sustainable oils are cost-effective and beneficial for industry, the community, and the planet--and unlike many chemical and fuel alternatives, do not rely upon costly chemical catalysts or sugar as a feedstock. Kiverdi is making sustainability both affordable and commercially viable. 

Utilizing carbon-rich waste has a number of beneficial qualities. It is not subject to the wild price fluctuations, supply disruptions, or geopolitics associated with fossil-fuel-based petrochemicals and does not require expensive and environmentally invasive extraction resources. Likewise, building products from recycled carbon does not require sourcing and storing repurposed food staples such as sugar, corn, or soy. Producing lower cost, high-quality oils and oil-derived chemicals from carbon-rich waste does, however, require a great deal of scientific, engineering, and commercial ingenuity.

"There are a vast number of cleantech companies around the globe today doing their part to advance the development and adoption of bio-based chemicals and fuel," said Kiverdi CEO Lisa Dyson, Ph.D. "It is deeply gratifying to be singled out not just as a scientific innovator, but now as an industry leader, as well." 

For those attending the 7th annual World Biofuels Markets Congress & Exhibition in Rotterdam, Dr. Dyson will be a panelist in the Hot Technologies and Processes session in the Penn Room on March 13th at 16.00 CET.

About Kiverdi

Kiverdi is a privately held, San Francisco-based advanced chemicals company that is transforming carbon-rich waste and syngas into high-value, lower cost oils that are used in everyday products. Kiverdi’s advanced oils are designed to reduce reliance on petroleum, lower carbon dioxide emissions, and have the ability to realistically meet the growing demand by consumers for sustainably sourced products with a low carbon footprint. For more information, visit

About Carbon-rich Waste

Carbon-rich waste comes in many forms, including carbon in municipal waste from plastics, construction, and household trash; carbon in the methane from livestock waste and sewage; and carbon in the wood and pulp scraps from milling and papermaking. Carbon waste is buried (landfills), burned (incinerators), or vented as a gas into the atmosphere (methane and CO2). Kiverdi can use carbon waste as a renewable feedstock to produce high-value, lower cost, and sustainable oils and oil-derived chemicals, which are used in everyday products, such as plastics, detergents, and fuel additives.

About The 4th Annual Sustainable Biofuels Awards

In their fourth year, the Sustainable Biofuels Awards are widely regarded as the biofuel industry’s most established and prestigious awards. The awards ceremony will be held in conjunction with the 7th annual World Biofuels Markets Congress & Exhibition, which takes place in Rotterdam on March 13-15, 2012. Already one of world’s leading biofuels events, the 7th annual World Biofuels Markets Congress & Exhibition will feature 260 world-class speakers. For more information, visit

Julie A. McCrady
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