Falls Church, VA, March 6, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In September 2011, HubShout, a US-based online marketing firm with a white label SEO reseller program, launched a web grader for its white label SEO resellers. The web grader is also accessible to the SEO community on the HubShout website at http://hubshout.com, under the "resources" tab. The web grader has brought a surge of new resellers to HubShout’s SEO reseller program.

HubShout President, Dr. Adam Stetzer, and CEO, Chad Hill, continually add value to the HubShout SEO reseller program by offering new tools and services. After studying existing free SEO tools, they concluded that no single tool provided the critical offsite SEO data that could help their white label SEO resellers effectively improve search rankings. (Most SEO experts agree that 70% of rankings come from offsite SEO and 30% from onsite SEO.) From daily interactions with members of their SEO reseller program and individuals in the SEO business, Dr. Stetzer and Mr. Hill knew that seasoned SEO professionals wanted the offsite SEO data but most lacked the capital to invest in costly web grader tools. HubShout took on the task of creating a web grader tool that provides offsite SEO data with the intention of sharing the web grader not only with its white label SEO resellers, but also as a free service to the SEO community. The web grader launch was scheduled for mid-September. White labeling the web grader so that it would be suitable for white label SEO resellers’ portals was a longer-term goal.

On September 14, HubShout released the web grader to its white label SEO resellers and the SEO community while still a "work in progress." A training webinar coinciding with the release of the web grader gave members of the SEO reseller program an introduction to using the tool. HubShout’s white label SEO resellers were also taught how to use the web grader data to sell SEO services. Questions submitted by white label SEO resellers during the webinar were compiled in an FAQ and posted on the HubShout blog, a helpful resource for members of the SEO reseller program.

At the conclusion of the webinar, members of the SEO reseller program were urged to put the web grader to the test and notify HubShout of any issues they encountered using the tool and/or understanding the data. Their feedback was instrumental in steering the upgrades and enhancements to the web grader tool. One question was repeated by white label SEO resellers time and time again: "When will the website grader be available in our private label portals as part of the SEO reseller program?" In January, HubShout introduced the white label web grader to each SEO reseller’s private portal. The web grader is now a standard component of the HubShout SEO reseller program. All new resellers will have the web grader in their white label SEO portals upon joining HubShout’s SEO reseller program.

Members of HubShout’s SEO reseller program can direct their prospects to the web grader on their private portals. As part of the SEO reseller program, resellers are given a guest user name and password so they control access to the web grader on their white label SEO portals. Clients of white label SEO resellers can login to their dashboards and compare their data to that of their competitors. The data that resellers can now provide to their clients and prospects establishes credibility and helps them demonstrate their advanced understanding of what it takes to improve search rankings. HubShout plans to continue making upgrades to the web grader based on feedback from users and develop more tools to enhance the SEO reseller program.

Many HubShout white label SEO resellers confirm that the web grader has been a big factor in their ability to convince prospective clients that they need professional SEO services, helping them close more business. One white label SEO reseller commented, "This (web grader) is really awesome, it allows us to show our clients the ‘problem’ and offer a solution. This will be a huge value! Keep up the good work."

On January 26, HubShout held the second in a series of web grader webinars for members of the SEO reseller program, at which Mr. Hill explained the new features of the SEO tool, including redesigned user interface, summary charts of top rankings and top ranking content, streamlined link metrics, and the ability to save and share web grader reports with clients or prospects of HubShout white label SEO resellers.

Much of the data that can be mined by the web grader is complex in nature and quite advanced for less experienced SEO professionals and those that have recently joined HubShout’s SEO reseller program. Those that grasp the more complex data attest to the value of the web grader in terms of selling white label SEO services. HubShout has continued to offer webinars and phone support for its white label SEO resellers so they learn how to interpret the data and use it effectively in the SEO sales process. Client support and sales training have always been a part of HubShout’s SEO reseller program.

HubShout is a white label SEO reseller based in the US. Offices are located in the DC metro area (Falls Church, VA) and Rochester, NY. HubShout’s full-service online marketing program includes pay-per-click advertising, social media management, local map optimization, white label email marketing, SEO reporting services, reputation management and a customer review service. Most of HubShout’s white label SEO resellers offer the full menu of services to their clients. HubShout’s online marketing services are also available to direct clients.

For more information about HubShout’s web grader, white label SEO reseller program or any HubShout service, please contact HubShout directly.

Ellen Gipko