LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - Mar 28, 2012) - Tracky, the free, new social collaboration platform poised to change the way we organize our personal and work lives, today announced it is open to the public for beta testing. With its combination of secure online chat, social networking and collaboration, group task management and more, Tracky helps people and companies organize all of their to-do's, work projects and social connections in a single, easy-to-use dashboard -- from planning a wedding to launching an international brand.

The platform was demonstrated to the media yesterday at Switch SuperNAP, the world's largest and most powerful data center and technology ecosystem, followed by a celebration at the former home of boxing legend Mike Tyson.

"Tracky's core mission is to help simplify lives and make connections more meaningful. This launch marks a moment in time when we can now open up the collaboration platform to the world," said David Gosse, CEO and founder. "These days, there is a bit of a craze over apps that help people connect with each other, but there isn't much available to amplify those relationships beyond simple connections. With Tracky, users can unify all their contacts into a single platform and take the conversations to the next level -- by actually collaborating on shared interests. We're excited to provide a tool that enables more meaningful connections between like-minded people and businesses, and helps our users get things done in a more fun and simple way."

Businesses and people around the world can now enjoy a wide array of unified tools, including:

  • To-do lists
  • Shared calendars
  • Live chat
  • Task management
  • Social accountability
  • Cloud-based file sharing
  • Community building

Tracky recently debuted its private beta at South by Southwest. The public beta lets millions of people now try Tracky for the first time. In addition, iPhone users can download Tracky for free from the Apple Store, allowing everyone to stay just as organized while on the road as they are at home or in their office.

Going beyond typical productivity systems and the limited collaboration abilities of social networks, Tracky helps you find people and groups that you want to collaborate with and immediately start planning projects with them. Tracky is an ideal, all-in-one platform for individuals trying to organize their busy lives, entrepreneurs building businesses and managing teams, and large organizations strategizing and communicating across the globe.

About Tracky
Tracky is an online open social collaboration platform that encompasses to-do lists, live chat, calendars, task management, people and project discovery, social accountability, cloud-based storage and more. At Tracky, we don't want our community members to be humorless doer-drones; we want them to express themselves, be themselves, create a portfolio of projects that represents who they are, and feel empowered by the Tracky community to get amazing things done. We're all beautiful snowflakes. And it's true: No matter who you are, Tracky can help you manage -- and enjoy -- your busy life.

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