LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - Mar 29, 2012) - Tracky, the free, new social collaboration platform that is changing the way we organize our personal and work lives, today announced a new key partner: Church of God, A Worldwide Association, Inc. With over 100 congregations in the United States; more than 100 more in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe and Latin America; and thousands of members scattered across the globe, the religious body has the same logistical needs and concerns as any international conglomerate.

Tracky is an ideal, all-in-one platform for individuals trying to organize their busy lives, entrepreneurs building businesses and managing teams, and large organizations strategizing and communicating across the globe.

"As a new organization with a global footprint, we readily determined that a Web-based media strategy would provide us the best opportunity to reach and positively impact the lives of people around the world," said Clyde Kilough, media operations manager for Church of God. "With limited resources, though, we needed a way to efficiently engage and collaborate on multiple levels with all of our constituents -- employees, associates and members alike -- to make our international media and outreach efforts a reality."

"We're thrilled to welcome Church of God as one of our initial key partners," said David Gosse, Tracky CEO and founder. "A global organization like this, with members and partners in every corner of the world, is exactly what we had in mind when creating Tracky."

With its combination of secure online chat, social networking and collaboration, group task management and more in a single, easy-to-use dashboard, Tracky is helping the international organization stay focused and plan more effectively than ever before. In addition, Tracky goes beyond typical project management platforms and social networks by letting you find people and groups you want to collaborate with and instantly reach out. Also, iPhone users can download Tracky for free from the Apple Store, allowing everyone to stay just as organized while on the road as they are at home or in their office.

"We believe that Tracky's open collaboration system offers the solutions we need to overcome the limitations of traditional project management systems. It provides us with one platform in which we will be able to internally plan and coordinate in private our media and outreach efforts," Kilough said. "Yet, when the time is right, we will be able to openly invite our members and all of our international community to become actively involved and collaborate with us on the global media and outreach projects they are passionate about."

About Tracky
Tracky is an online open social collaboration platform that encompasses to-do lists, live chat, calendars, task management, people and project discovery, social accountability, cloud-based storage and more. At Tracky, we don't want our community members to be humorless doer-drones; we want them to express themselves, be themselves, create a portfolio of projects that represents who they are, and feel empowered by the Tracky community to get amazing things done. We're all beautiful snowflakes. And it's true: No matter who you are, Tracky can help you manage -- and enjoy -- your busy life.

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