SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwire - May 23, 2012) - Aaron Kelly, in conjunction with Mike Kolb, has recently unveiled Snapterms. Serving as an intermediate option that allows startup companies the opportunity to customize their website's Terms of Service (ToS) without having to pay the massive fees typically associated with having the documents drafted by a lawyer, Snapterms is designed to assist companies on a tight budget. By doing so, these companies will be able to more quickly become fully operational, thus facilitating the rate in which they begin to acquire visitors. Snapterms is a great solution to every company on,, &

Snapterms offers four different tiers of packages. The most basic plan, entitle Pro, features a 5-7 day turnaround time, copyright and trademark protection, a comprehensive site review and much more. The Pro Plus plan adds a few bells and whistles such as forums and support for sites that will utilize e-commerce. There is also a plan catered to mobile apps as well as a fully customizable option tailored to a client's more individual needs. Basic plans start for as low as $149 and all plans offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Despite still being in their infancy period, Snapterms is enjoying a substantial amount of success and praise. In addition to providing their clients with affordable prices and a plethora of options, Aaron Kelly Law of Snapterms places a great emphasis on providing exemplary customer service and extremely fast turnaround times. Alex Raymond from Kapta Systems went on record stating, "Snapterms gave us solid, effective (and fun) terms for our website and online service in a matter of hours. Great service!"

As an Internet entrepreneur himself Kelly understands the legal hassles that can plague startups. Thanks to his expertise as both a businessman and lawyer he feels aptly equipped to help startups protect themselves from ToS exploitation. Snapterms will serve as his means of doing so.

Aaron Kelly is an Internet lawyer, entrepreneur and cofounder of Snapterms. The website for Snapterms can be found at Aaron Kelly Law Firm specializes in practices of Internet law outside of Scottsdale, Arizona. His website can be found at

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