SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 6, 2012) - Sojern, the premier travel data and media company today released their National Travel Trends, January - March 2012 report. The report, based on national travel intent and purchase data, sheds light on consumer travel trends and behaviors relevant to travel marketers. Highlights include information about key US destinations, trip duration, travel party size and travel class of service.

The data reveals that there are more male travelers than female (60 percent to 40 percent respectively); business travel (61 percent) trumps leisure travel (39 percent); and the vast majority of Americans travel alone (83 percent). When it comes to class of service flown, First and Business combined make up only eight percent of seats purchased. This type of data can be used by advertisers to hone their message to an intent-based travel market thus increasing their return on advertising spend.

"This research demonstrates our unique insight into travel behavior, which ultimately helps our marketing partners reach travelers," said Mark Rabe, chief executive officer of Sojern. "Understanding patterns of travel behavior, and making that information addressable, enables us to provide targeted ad campaigns on behalf of travel marketers with an unprecedented level of precision, relevance and performance."

In addition to national travel trends, Sojern also examined the data specific to seven major US cities to determine the picture of a typical traveler's behavior to each destination. For example, the typical traveler to Dallas is a man (64 percent) from Atlanta (6 percent) traveling by himself (89 percent) in coach (93 percent) for a business trip (66 percent) that is three to five days long (52 percent), with a typical booking window of three to seven days prior to departure (22 percent).

As with all of the data in the report, the profiles are based on aggregated data from Sojern. The data and insights included in this report offer just a glimpse of the type of audience data available to power targeted marketing campaigns that reach travelers.

Additional Resources

To further illustrate the findings of the Travel Trends research, Sojern created an infographic and prepared a full report on the finding. Both can be accessed at Those interested in additional details on Sojern, its data, insights, research, products or services should visit or contact the company at


To obtain these numbers, Sojern analyzed data on national traveler behavior between January 2012 and March 2012. This data was then narrowed to seven destinations across the country to form destination-specific profiles. The seven U.S. cities observed were Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; New York, NY; Orlando, FL; San Francisco, CA and San Diego, CA.

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