CINCINNATI, OH--(Marketwire - Jun 8, 2012) - Over the past year, Datalliance has attended and participated in a number of important conferences and forums focused on finding ways to reduce the cost of healthcare in the United States by reducing the costs associated with the supply chain from healthcare product manufacturers to hospitals and other principle healthcare providers.

In May, those events have included the 2012 GHX Healthcare Supply Chain Summit run by Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC (GHX), where providers, manufacturers, distributors and group purchasing organizations (GPOs) gathered to discuss a wide range of industry issues related to supply chain strategy, financial goals, business acceleration and operations; and the MedSC 2012 Spring Meeting run by the Medical Device Supply Chain Council where executives from leading medical device manufacturers also met to focus on identifying opportunities to improve the healthcare industry supply chain. Both events were focused on how suppliers and providers can work together to reduce costs.

As the leading independent provider of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) platform services across a wide range of consumer and industrial supply chains, Datalliance is committed to working with the healthcare industry to help reduce costs. Datalliance sees great potential for both healthcare suppliers and providers to gain the same benefits other industries are realizing today through VMI relationships -- reduced inventory, better availability, and lower inventory management costs.

Datalliance is already working directly with a number of forward-thinking Medical Device and Physician Preferred Item (PPI) suppliers along with their healthcare provider partners on pilot projects to define and implement VMI relationships.

"With all of the special challenges that exist in today's healthcare industry, we are excited to see companies working together to find ways to reduce cost through improved supply chain efficiencies, and happy to be playing a part in that effort," said Bob Jennings, Datalliance Vice President of Sales & Marketing. "We know that VMI is going to play an increasingly important role in healthcare because it is such a win-win tool for all levels of the supply chain."

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