GREAT FALLS, MT--(Marketwire - Jun 21, 2012) - The National Association of Advancing Business Organization is pleased to recognize one of the greatest entrepreneurs of 2012. Donald Ray Bernard, a Bozeman, Montana resident, has transformed himself from being one who is just an Attorney to somebody who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to create jobs, opportunities for individuals, and has even helped out the community as an educator showing his gratitude towards society.

Working at one time as an assistant attorney general for the lone star state of Texas dating back to 1959, Donald R. Bernard has since lectured at Montana State's College of Business and has helped to educate students from all over the world as they entered his classroom, educating them on Glacial issues in business to real world experiences. Metaphors are often used comparing a buzzer beater game theory decision that an NBA star like Kobe Bryant may face and how that correlates to important business decisions when a crisis occurs.

Donald R. Bernard recently served as a pilot volunteer member for the Montana Emergency services and is most notably voted as one of the greatest entrepreneurs this year thanks to his international business relations. Co-owning the Banan Bank Ranch in Belize, he currently acts as VP of Estancia Laguna Verde which is one of the premier fishing lodges in a town not far from Buenos Aires, Argentina that offers international guests access to some of the best fly fishing you can find outside of the Big Sky state.

His brave businesslike acumen expands from there. Donald R. Bernard is also active in the shipping business as his company ships smoked, organically raised trout and plans are expanding to turn it into a global shipping company for the famous fish. Finally the amazing entrepreneur who resides in MT is a partner in an energy-filled business that might as well be a diamond mine. Golden Stag Safaris which is located in La Pampa, Argentina offers big game hunters the pursuit to pursue exotic game.

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