PLANTATION, FL--(Marketwire - Jul 11, 2012) -  A recently conducted poll asked prospering business owners what consultancy agency or individual provided the most beneficial advisory services in the Boca Raton, Florida area. In NAABO's research they reached out to CPA's, Business Owners, and other business organizations in the Palm Beach County region and after the survey.

From the surveys Milton H. Barbarosh of the Stenton Leigh Group is one of the top business consultants in the area, whose main arena of expert consultancy, range of services and professionalism have earned him respectful accolades from the community.

The Stenton Leigh Group has been providing advisory services since its inception in 1989. Primarily targeted towards growing businesses in need of expert advice, Stenton Leigh offers its clients a wide variety of reorganization and corporate expansion services. The results of its efforts have been nothing short of breathtaking. In particular, Milton Barbarosh enjoys a very high success rate among his clients, resulting in a vaulted reputation among his peers and business owners. The results of the poll only serve to solidify Barbarosh's status as one of the pioneering professionals in the area.

Among the consultancy services provided by Milton are financial strategies designed to maximize shareholder value and strategic plans that aim to meet specific, intermittent goals set by an organization. Milton and Stenton Leigh are also well-versed and respected in the areas of Principal Investments, Mergers and Acquisitions and Valuation Services. The latter service is one in which Milton carefully assesses the cumulative worth of a company, which is imperative if the company hopes to go public, merge or acquire another business.

Among those participating in the poll were rapidly growing small to medium sized business that recently entered a transitory phase.

About the Stenton Leigh Group:

The Stenton Leigh Group was founded by Milton H. Barbarosh, CEO, in 1989. Based in Boca Raton, FL, it provides in-depth consultation to clients requiring specific needs, including financial services. Stenton Leigh's website can be located at

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