SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - Jul 12, 2012) - Waste Management has joined forces with leaders of the San Diego Convention Center for this year's Comic-Con in a quest to save more recyclables than ever from the clutches of local landfills.

The duo's mission is to increase recycling at the Convention Center over last year from set-up to tear down of the sold out event that begins July 12. Waste Management recycled more than 98 tons of materials during last year's event.

Waste Management representatives will be at the Convention Center to call on Comic-Con attendees and vendors to appropriately dispose of trash and recyclables. Comic-Con goers and exhibitors are encouraged to keep the following earth-friendly tips in mind:

  • With the high volume of traffic during Comic-Con, attendees are encouraged to utilize public transportation to and from the Convention Center;
  • Look for the marked recycling bins throughout the Convention Center and downtown to keep recyclables out of the trash;
  • Comic-Con exhibitors can donate usable materials left over from the event. These materials, which would otherwise take up space in a landfill, will go to local non-profit organizations:

"Our goal is to transform Comic-Con attendees and vendors into environmental heroes," said Jason Rose, Area Vice President for Waste Management. "As Comic-Con is one of San Diego's biggest annual events, this is a great opportunity to come through for our environment by recycling as much as possible while at Comic-Con and then taking that mindset home once the event is over."

Waste Management and the San Diego Convention Center have devised a comprehensive recycling effort specific to Comic-Con. Details include:

  • The use of only natural gas to fuel the trucks and all other Waste Management services for the event;
  • Collection of 30 more tons of recycling than last year from the Convention Center during Comic-Con; and
  • Plans to sort all collected waste by hand with a goal of increasing recycling of all trash from Comic-Con

"Our Center takes the role of being a green facility very seriously. We are committed to preserving the earth's natural resources and have numerous green programs and initiatives in place," said Carol Wallace, President and CEO of the San Diego Convention Center Corporation. "With Comic-Con being our highest attended event of the year, attendees have the power to make this year's the greenest ever by recycling and being conscious of the environment."

Additionally, a second automated baler for cardboard recycling will allow Waste Management to cut trips to its El Cajon recycling facility from last year's 34 trips to as few as seven during this year's four-day event. The company will pick up and transport trash and recyclables using environmentally friendly trucks that run on liquefied natural gas.

As North America's largest provider of waste and environmental services, Waste Management is on a quest for environmental performance, to maximize resource value and minimize environmental impact. Waste is a valuable resource. Waste Management takes innovative steps to maximize and recover the resource that is in waste. To learn more information about Waste Management, visit or Or, engage with Waste Management on Facebook and Twitter.

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