ANDOVER, MA--(Marketwire - Jul 17, 2012) -   Vicor Corporation (NASDAQ: VICR) today introduced its new Picor PI33XX Cool-Power® ZVS buck regulator series that affords board-level designers maximum power density and flexibility for high efficiency point of load DC-DC regulation. The integration of a high performance Zero-Voltage Switching (ZVS) topology within the PI33XX series increases point of load performance, providing best in class power efficiency up to 98% peak. Products in the PI33XX series are highly integrated with control circuitry, power semiconductors and support components in a high density 10mmx14mmx2.56mm LGA System in Package (SiP). PI33XX buck regulators can convert input supplies ranging from 8V to 36V to output voltages from 1V to 16V and output current up to 10A for power delivery up to 120W. Power delivery can be further increased by interleaving up to six PI33XX buck regulators using single wire current sharing without the need of any additional components.

The use of a ZVS topology enables high-frequency operation that maximizes efficiency by minimizing the significant switching losses associated with conventional buck regulators that use hard-switching topologies. The high switching frequency of the PI33XX series also reduces the size of the external filtering components, improving power density while enabling fast dynamic response to line and load transients. The PI33XX series sustains high switching frequency all the way up to the rated input voltage without sacrificing efficiency and, with its 20ns minimum on-time, supports large step down conversions up to 36Vin.

PI33XX series buck regulators require only an external inductor and minimal ceramic capacitors for input and output filtering to form a complete high performance regulator. No frequency compensation, parametric settings or incremental external components are required. A wide operating temperature range of -40°C to 125°C allows for use in almost any environment.

For designers challenged by complex distribution power schemes, Picor PI33XX Cool-Power ZVS buck regulators are the only buck regulators in their class to offer an optional I2C™ extended fault telemetry capability allowing for six distinct types of fault reporting. Additional device-programmable I2C features include margining, enable pin logic polarity, and phase delay. Device programming is easily performed via the Cool-Power Development Tool.

"The introduction of the Picor PI33XX Cool-Power ZVS buck regulator series allows designers to achieve high performance point of load power on the board," said Robert Gendron, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Vicor. "Integrating a ZVS soft switching topology within a point of load buck regulator creates a new performance standard for the industry. Coupled with Vicor's broad range of solutions for power delivery to the board, we are enabling optimal power efficiency throughout the power chain -- all the way to the point of load."

About Picor Cool-Power

The Picor Cool-Power portfolio currently consists of the PI31XX series of isolated converters and now the PI33XX series of ZVS buck regulators. The PI33XX series is the initial offering of what will be a comprehensive product family of high density, high performance ZVS point of load regulators. Future products in the family will include additional ZVS buck regulators with higher voltage and higher current capability, ZVS buck-boost regulators, and ZVS boost regulators, all expected to set new industry benchmarks in efficiency and density.

Pricing and Availability

Part Number   Output Range   Iout Max
    Set   Range    
PI3311-00-LGIZ   1.0 V   1.0 - 1.4 V   10 A
PI3312-00-LGIZ   2.5 V   2.0 - 3.1 V   10 A
PI3301-00-LGIZ   3.3 V   2.3 - 4.1 V   10 A
PI3302-00-LGIZ   5.0 V   3.3 - 6.5 V   10 A
PI3303-00-LGIZ   12 V   6.5 - 13.0 V   8 A
PI3305-00-LGIZ   15 V   10.0 - 16.0 V   8 A

Picor PI33XX-00-LGIZ Cool-Power ZVS buck regulators are priced at $12.85 for 1,000-unit quantities. Visit the website for more information. To order, email or call 1-800-735-6200.

Picor Semiconductor Power Solutions

Picor provides high-performance silicon-centric solutions in power conversion and power management. Picor's silicon-centric products complement Vicor's power technology and maintain the Vicor tradition of product innovation and performance.

About Vicor Corporation

Headquartered in Andover Massachusetts, Vicor designs, manufactures and markets innovative, high performance modular power components, from bricks to semiconductor-centric solutions, to enable customers to efficiently convert and manage power from the wall plug to the point-of-load. Complementing an extensive portfolio of patented innovations in power conversion and power distribution with significant application development expertise, Vicor offers comprehensive product lines addressing a broad range of power conversion and management requirements across all power distribution architectures, including CPA, DPA, IBA, FPA™ and CBA. Vicor focuses on solutions for performance-critical applications in the following markets: enterprise and high performance computing, telecommunications and network infrastructure, industrial equipment and automation, vehicles and transportation and aerospace and defense electronics.

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