SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Jul 17, 2012) - Zaarly -- the leading mobile marketplace -- is opening its "Zaarly Anywhere" API, which lets people post requests to the Zaarly marketplace directly from their favorite websites. Where people have historically seen social sharing buttons (e.g., like, tweet, pin, share), they'll now start to see something providing an even deeper level of engagement: An opportunity to buy locally.

Zaarly Anywhere is launching with seven top online content publishers, including Everyday Health, The Fancy, Los Angeles Times' Home section, Cookstr, IKEA Hackers, Remodelaholic and Simplified Building.

With Zaarly Anywhere, publishers can capture their readers at the moment of inspiration -- delivering a seamless content-to-commerce experience. Through the Zaarly API integration, visitors post a request in Zaarly's marketplace and turn an idea they'd been reading about online into reality with the click of a button, without ever leaving the original site. Additionally, Zaarly Anywhere produces a new revenue stream for publishers by connecting online content with offline commerce.

"Zaarly Anywhere is the new way to buy local. Imagine seeing a beautiful piece of custom furniture, a delicious dinner or the perfect children's nursery, and then having a local carpenter, chef or designer make it happen," explained Bo Fishback, Zaarly founder and CEO. "Zaarly Anywhere changes the game: It's designed to help publishers monetize content in ways that were never possible before."

Until now, publishers had limited opportunities to give readers a concrete way to act on their inspiration without taking them to another site. Zaarly Anywhere is a critical next step for publishers who are looking for new ways to monetize content and strengthen engagement with their readers.

"At Everyday Health, our primary focus is promoting a healthy, happy lifestyle. What better way to do this than to give our readers the necessary tools to achieve their goals?" said David Siegel, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Everyday Health Local. "Whether it's eating healthier with the help of a nutritionist or finding a buddy to encourage them to try a new workout routine, we look forward to pairing inspiration with action."

As visitors browse a Zaarly Anywhere participating site, they can turn online inspiration into reality while spending money in their local communities. Here's how it works: People create Zaarly requests from participating publishers' sites by clicking a button integrated with articles, social media buttons and photos. The Zaarly Anywhere API populates the request with the title, description and location details from the publisher's site. People receive offers from skilled individuals in their own community. Then, they choose the best response and pay through Zaarly's platform.

"Thousands of merchants have signed up to offer deals on their items and destinations, but there are many things our users Fancy that are not made by a particular company or brand. For this class of unique items, say a Lego Head Propane Tank or Cookie Monster Cupcakes, The Fancy is excited to be partnering with Zaarly, an innovator in peer-to-peer marketplaces," said Joe Einhorn, CEO of The Fancy. "This brings a whole new class of business to our platform, as our users make popular DIY items on The Fancy available for purchase. With Zaarly, the barriers to entry for commerce on The Fancy are much lower. Anyone with the time and energy can now become a merchant through our platform. And with The Fancy, they can see where there is demand."

The initial Zaarly Anywhere partner sites align with the most active requests in Zaarly's marketplace: local experiences, food, health and wellness, design and home improvement. Zaarly is in the process of incorporating additional partners. Sites interested in learning more about Zaarly's API should visit

"Zaarly is the next best thing to having Jamie, Mario or Nigella as your personal chef," said Cookstr CEO Art Chang. "Cookstr has the largest collection of inspirational and accessible recipes from great chefs, and Zaarly can bring that inspiration into reality."

Zaarly Anywhere is currently available on Everyday Health, The Fancy, Cookstr, IKEA Hackers, Remodelaholic and Simplified Building. The Times' Home section will launch within the next 30 days.

In addition to these new features, Zaarly continues to maintain its open, "ask for anything" marketplace. Since launching in May 2011, more than $30 million in requests have been posted on Zaarly's marketplace.

About Zaarly:
Zaarly is the new way to buy and sell with people nearby. Buyers post what they want and what they're willing to pay via any mobile device or the web. Sellers respond and can communicate directly with buyers. Zaarly offers anything buyers are looking for, including products, services/tasks and experiences. Based in San Francisco, CA, Zaarly is backed by investors, including Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Sands Capital Ventures, Ashton Kutcher, Felicis Ventures, Bill Lee, Naval Ravikant, Lightbank, SV Angel, Paul Buchheit, Thrive Capital, Marc Ecko and Michael Arrington. Zaarly is currently available on the web, mobile web, Android and iPhone application. Visit for more information.

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