MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - Jul 17, 2012) - Pay per click advertising agency and provider of PPC management services, The Pay Per Click Store, will develop banner ads at no additional cost for clients who take advantage of the company's per per click services. The free banner ad promotion will apply to new clients only and runs through August 31st, 2012. The special offer represents a significant value to the Pay Per Click Store's advertising clients because, typically, advertisers must purchase the graphic design and programming time associated with creating banner ads, which can cost more than $500.

"Familiar text ads comprised of nothing but words are so synonymous with pay per click advertising that the Google advertising pay per click program is called 'Google AdWords.' However, these text ads are not the only form of paid search advertising. In addition to text ads, banner advertising can be an equally effective and instrumental part of a pay per click campaign," said Daniel Weinbach, president and CEO of the Pay Per Click Store. "Banner ads are particularly useful in building brand awareness -- at a very low cost." Banner ads, which feature graphics, imagery, and even animation, serve as an ideal complement to a conventional pay per click text campaign that usually consists of three-lined text ads. Similar to how text ads work, banner ads serve (or display) to internet users based on a website's relevance to the advertiser's product or service. For example, an internet user visiting a home and garden website with content about patio decorating might see a banner ad for patio umbrellas.

The Pay Per Click Store's free banner ad promotion includes concept development, graphic design, and programming for banner ads in four different sizes, such as leaderboards and rectangles. The various sizes allow the ads to serve on a wide range of websites.

About The Pay Per Click Store
The Pay Per Click Store offers a full suite of PPC advertising, bundled into affordable packages or on an a la carte basis. Their approach makes it easy and affordable to launch a PPC campaign that increases website traffic. Services include campaign strategy, keyword identification, text and banner ad development, bid management, and reporting. The Pay Per Click Store develops and manages campaigns across multiple platforms, including Google AdWords and Facebook. Visit or call toll-free 1-855-TO-CLICK.

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