SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Jul 18, 2012) - GAIN Fitness, the ultimate digital personal training app for iPhone, today introduced GAIN 3.5, the affordable evolution of the personal training model. GAIN 3.5 enables users to harness the power of GAIN's best-in-class customizing and coaching technology to experience completely new workout styles, all under one roof. The app now offers yoga and circuit-based strength training, in addition to the previous offering of classic weightlifting, stretching and calisthenics.

GAIN brings the best of personal trainers, fitness DVDs, and self-tracking solutions together into a clean and easy-to-use mobile experience that removes excuses and information overload as potential barriers to getting in shape. Users select their individual goals and appropriate fitness level, along with time and equipment constraints (i.e. "gym," "home," or "on the go"), to personalize their experience and create effective, targeted workouts for their specific needs.

The app now offers two new premium "Trainers," in addition to the millions of free, unlimited "classic strength" workout experiences generated by the GAIN Strength Trainer. The experts themselves guide individuals through each workout virtually, tracking time and progress automatically and coaching users through each position and rep, just as they would with a $70-100 per hour one-on-one client.

GAIN's two new premium training experiences are:

  • Butterfly Yoga: An innovative blend of pilates-infused, ballet-inspired yoga, developed by California yogini and ballerina Pattie Stafford.
  • The Road Warrior: An efficient, circuit-based training style created for busy professionals who want a minimal approach to maintaining peak physique, developed by fitness author and natural bodybuilder Nate Miyaki.

"This product release is a fitness industry game-changer," said Nick Gammell, founder and CEO, GAIN Fitness. "The fitness industry, for both consumers and trainers, is in the middle of a massive shift to digital, mobile, on-demand and personalized. People need guided instruction; it has to be calibrated to their fitness level, and has to fit into their hectic daily lives. Fitness also must be fun and motivating, and that's what the new training platform really delivers: Endless variety, exciting new routines and voice guidance from really talented coaches."

Gammell also adds, "We plan to integrate more amazing and diverse trainers and social features, and GAIN will become the indispensable place to get and stay fit, digitally and on your own terms."

The two new GAIN "Trainers" are available as one-time In-App Purchases and include the following features:

  • Personalized, dynamic workout generation with each Trainer (thousands of unique workouts).
  • Voice cues: The experts talk you through sets, reps and key coaching points.
  • Motion images: Beautiful, HD images show trainers performing each exercise.

In addition, optional "Expansion Packs" are also available via In-App Purchase. These upgrades further tailor workout experiences by introducing advanced exercises and techniques that boost workout intensity and enhance results. Bundle pricing is available for discounted purchasing when buying Trainer plus multiple packs at once.

Trainers that partner with GAIN Fitness can benefit from a new distribution channel and competitive revenue sharing opportunities. Books, Magazines and DVDs have been mainstays of the fitness industry for some time, but the explosion of mobile devices has created a strong demand for interactive training, instant availability, and real-time performance logging. With GAIN Fitness, personal trainers can expand their reach without losing touch of how people are exercising or what their evolving training goals are.

To experience this revolutionary advance in mobile fitness and join a new era of digital personal training, Download GAIN Fitness for free here:

About GAIN Fitness
GAIN Fitness launched in 2011, joining complimentary, fast growing fitness technologies like Nike+, Wii Fit, FitBit and Runkeeper. GAIN partners with cutting-edge fitness experts to deliver personalized, time-efficient workout experiences that fit into busy lifestyles.

Based in San Francisco, GAIN is a small team of designers, developers and data analysts that includes two former Google employees, a former NASA developer, a serial entrepreneur and a body hacker. GAIN is supported by investors and advisors from Google, YouTube, PayPal, Crunch Fitness & TRX Training.

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