CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - Jul 19, 2012) -   The Evolutionary-Meditative Practice HORA ( announces the grand opening of its 2nd Training Center in Chicagoland, city of Evanston located at 522 Davis St. Evanston, IL 60201.

Practice HORA is a method of training for endurance, accumulation of calmness in action and conscious evolution.

The red ribbon cutting ceremony was performed with city of Evanston mayor, Elisabeth Tisdahl.

"Thank you for opening your shop in Evanston, for bringing new ideas to Evanston. I am thrilled to support what can work with exhaustion."
Elisabeth Tisdahl
Mayor, city of Evanston, IL

View the 90 second video from the grand opening in Evanston, IL.

Practice HORA offers these programs:

Evolutionary Wellness Program. Training of one's natural instinct of psycho-physical stability. Training of concentrated attention -- a conscious, progressive natural type of attention. It is practice, a method for awakening one's natural-evolutionary health, and its conscious and continuous training.

Practice HORA Youth Program. Is an up-to-date psycho-physical fitness for youth. Youth participating in this program value a vital drive, think of success in modern parameters, and wish to achieve maximum efficiency both for themselves, and for society as well.

Evolutionary Meditative Dance HORA: HORA-TRACK. This is an interactive dance event with social focus and benefits to the participants. At the event, active participants follow the leader of HORA-TRACK dance by mirroring the moves. It is training of physical & intellectual unusual super endurance. It is a method of recovery after any type of exhaustion and an opportunity to break free from any type of addiction, stress or depression.

About Evolutionary-Meditative Practice HORA®

Practice HORA® is based on the evolutionary-meditative teaching and physical practice created by Master HORA in the late 1980s. It is a training method of growing individual life potential, natural health and reversing biological age. It is ideal for today's busy individuals who require both creative productivity and youthful drive. It is a method that allows one to awaken and constantly support youthfulness. This will increase and extend productivity. Practice HORA presents a unique natural psycho-physical training system where mind and body develop naturally as one.

This method is available in more than 25 training centers worldwide.

Contact Information:


Svetlana Baklanova

522 Davis St.
Evanston, IL 60201

1040 S. Milwaukee Ave, Suite 250A
Wheeling, IL 60090