KLAMATH FALLS, OR--(Marketwire - Aug 20, 2012) - Indoor-outdoor living is undoubtedly one of the most popular concepts in homeownership these days. Now, with just a few more weeks of summer on the calendar, that trend is going to the dogs (and cats).

With nearly two-thirds of all U.S. households owning one or more pets, and spending on pets continuing to rise even during tough economic times*, JELD-WEN is unleashing a variety of new products specifically created for four-legged family members.

That includes the JELD-WEN® Vinyl Sliding Patio Door with an integrated pet door -- a stylish new door system that provides a unique indoor-outdoor access point for pets. With this door, JELD-WEN has incorporated many of the benefits of its vinyl patio door line, including low maintenance and energy-saving features. The JELD-WEN Vinyl Sliding Patio Door with pet door is available in an ENERGY STAR® qualified configuration, offers a secure-closing pet panel with an easy to operate WEN-Lock system, and has a clear flap. The flap stays closed thanks to a magnetic pull that prevents it from being blown open by strong winds, but is flexible enough to allow easy passage.

The pet door doesn't mean homeowners have to sacrifice human accessibility; it operates as a standard patio door. Vinyl also means the door never needs to be painted, and comes in colors White or Desert Sand. The pet door is available in medium, large and extra large (see size and weight chart recommendations at www.JELD-WEN.com).

JELD-WEN also offers a complete special-order steel or fiberglass door with an installed pet door solution, available in a prehung unit. Perfect for standard-size exterior entries, the pet door includes weatherproof technology that tightly seals and resists water leaks. The entry door is available primed and ready to paint or as a pre-painted option. 

Unlike retrofitted pet doors of yesteryear that typically were installed separately, these door systems provide an integrated solution for maximum style and reliability. With a variety of entry door material options and operational styles, JELD-WEN offers homeowners a good selection of price ranges and choices that will best suit their needs, and their pets' needs, as well.

"Homeowners want reliable options to accommodate their pets that are also convenient, and look and perform great," said Derek Brosterhous, director of product marketing for doors at JELD-WEN. "These doors are a wonderful solution."

The integrated pet door option is available at Home Depot stores across the country.

Tips for proper pet door measuring

To ensure the right pet door option, JELD-WEN recommends the following tips for proper measuring:

- Be width wise. Measure the widest part of your pet (typically the chest) and make sure it is under the maximum width for the door you've selected, according to the manufacturer's instructions.

- Watch those height restrictions. Measure your pet from the top of the shoulders to the bottom of the chest or belly (whichever is the tallest part). Add two inches to that measurement to determine if a pet can easily fit through. Rule of thumb: For the JELD-WEN Vinyl Sliding Patio Door, a 15-inch pet door height is typically suitable for a pet that weighs 15 pounds or less, and an 18-inch door typically works for a pet that weighs 40 pounds or less.

- Rise to the occasion. For some styles of pet doors, such as JELD-WEN's steel and fiberglass door options, it's also important to consider the "rise." That is, the height from the floor to the bottom of the pet door flap, which is the height your pet must step over to use the door. To account for this, measure the withers of the pet (from top of shoulders to the floor) to determine which rise is the right option. Typically, an 8-inch rise is recommended for shorter pets with a 24-1/2-inch maximum withers measurement, and a 10-1/2-inch rise typically works for taller pets with a 27-inch maximum withers. As a general rule of thumb, JELD-WEN recommends the shorter the rise the better. As pets age, they can develop mobility issues that make it more difficult to step over a higher rise.

For more than 50 years, JELD-WEN has built its reputation as one of the world's most reliable manufacturers of windows and doors. Today the company offers a full breadth of stylish windows and doors, and has earned numerous awards and endorsements for dependability, innovation and excellence. With a strong commitment to sustainability, JELD-WEN also is a recognized leader in manufacturing energy efficient products -- providing solutions that deliver exceptional value for builders, architects and homeowners all over the globe. JELD-WEN has been an ENERGY STAR® Partner since 1998. For more information about JELD-WEN, or to find a dealer, visit www.jeld-wen.com or call 800-877-9482.

*Source: Reuters.com, "Spending on Pets up During Lean Economic Times: Poll," April 5, 2011.

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