BUFFALO GROVE, IL--(Marketwire - Aug 21, 2012) - Ambius, www.ambius.com, the premier global creator of ambience for businesses and eHow.com, a Demand Media (NYSE: DMD) property and leading online destination for practical, trusted advice and know how, announces the expansion of their video garden channel with three award-winning Ambius designers: Charlee Storner, Janice Nath and Chris Karl.

"eHow is a favorite destination for anyone seeking expert counsel with their videos reaching over thirty nine million monthly views," said Michelle Rodwell, Vice President, Marketing, Ambius. "We are excited to present three members of our design team as garden gurus to the eHow family. Our Designers' horticultural expertise is deeply rooted and is routinely applied to commercial buildings, but also transcends well to home environments." All of the garden video vignettes from Ambius are available to watch free of charge.

Janice Nath, www.ambius.com/janice, a San Diego-based Ambience Architect, hosts thirteen instructional video tutorials which are now available on eHow. Highlights of her garden video vignettes include:

  • How to Grow Flowers Hydroponically - Hydroponics is a soil-less system of growing. Janice Nath demonstrates how to grow flowers hydroponically in this video clip.

  • Potted trees for Patios - Potted trees can make a great addition to any patio, whether it's covered or not. Learn about potted trees for patios with help from a creative and committed designer in this video clip.

  • How to Care for a Basil Plant - Basil plants are herbs that like to grow in warm, sunny spaces. Janice Nath demonstrates how to care for these plants in this video clip

  • How to Prolong the Life of a Poinsettia - Poinsettias love well-drained soil and high humidity, among other things. Learn how to prolong the life of a Poinsettia in this video clip.

  • What Are the Different Types of Pothos Ivy? - Pothos are commonly used plants across the world. Janice Nath discusses the different types of Pothos ivy in this video clip.

Highlights of the ten video tutorials from Charlee Storner, www.ambius.com/charlee, a St. Louis-based Botanical Stylist, which all focus on the care and nurturing of orchids, include:

  • Orchid Home Care - Charlee explains the three steps that are crucial to caring for an orchid in this video clip.

  • Lighting for Orchids - In your home, the best location for an orchid is in an east window, reports Charlee who discusses more lighting for orchids tips in this video clip.

  • How to Cut Cattleya Orchids After They Bloom - Cutting Cattleya orchids after they bloom requires the right tools and a little bit of basic know-how, reports Charlee in this video clip.

  • Dancing Lady Orchid Care - Dancing lady orchids need to be cared for in a very particular way to make sure the plant grows to be as healthy as possible. Find out about dancing lady orchid care with help from Charlee in this video clip.

  • How to Propagate Cymbidium Orchids - Charlee discusses why it is a good idea to re-pot your cymbidium orchid every three years in this instructional video clip.

Highlights of the ten gardening and lifestyle tutorials from Chris Karl, www.ambius.com/chris, a Southern California-based Design Specialist, which were filmed at his home and at the Laguna Beach Nursery in Laguna Beach, California, include:

  • How to Transplant Lantana Plants - Transplanting Lantana plants requires a certain amount of preparation and safety to make sure that nothing bad happens to the plants during the process, explains Chris in this video clip.

  • How to Landscape Near Your Door - Chris showcases why one of the best places to landscape around your home is the area near your front door in this video clip.

  • How to Make My Room Very Vibrant - Making your room very vibrant is something you can do in a few different ways depending on your preferences and your definition of "vibrant," reports Chris in this video tutorial

  • How to Build a Tropical Landscape - Building a tropical landscape requires that you keep a few important things in mind, reports Chris in this video tutorial.

  • How to Tie an Orchid - Tying an orchid requires a very specific technique to ensure things go as smoothly as possible, reports Chris in this video tutorial.

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