ZURICH, SWITZERLAND--(Marketwire - Aug 21, 2012) -  Pricing is one of the most powerful levers to improve business results within a challenging economic landscape. Whilst pricing has become an established key discipline in North American organizations over the past 20 years, with many Chief Pricing Officers appointed already, most leading European companies are just gradually embracing the power of pricing to improve their results significantly.

To support and contribute to this phenomenon, Pricing Solutions Europe AG, the Professional Pricing Society (PPS), leading universities and business schools, recognized Pricing Professionals, local marketing and finance associations and media have organized themselves over the course of the last year in Pricing Forums in 11 European countries.

These Pricing Forums have been designed to locally contribute to the sharing, developing and solidifying of best practices within the pricing discipline. In the coming months the 11 Pricing Forums will have several initiatives at country, European, and world-wide levels including surveys and whitepapers on Pricing Capabilities, expert and sectorial breakfasts as well as the upcoming 2012 European Pricing Forum Workshops Tour.

For the first time in Europe, the 2012 European Pricing Forum Workshops will provide a high-value, full day training across 11 countries, focused on the pragmatic content of "How to Implement Pricing Excellence within Your Organization" and how to use it to improve business results within a challenging economic landscape.

The great acceptance of the initiative to access world class expertise in pricing and to network with peers demonstrates that pricing is a hot topic for most European companies, as more than 200 professionals have already appointed themselves -- from chief pricing officers, pricing managers and pricing analysts to managers in involved functions (finance, marketing, sales, R&D ….).

Here is the schedule for the 2012 European Pricing Forum Workshops Tour:

Germany Düsseldorf Sept., 12th 2012
Portugal Lisbon Sept., 20th 2012
France Paris Sept., 25th 2012
Spain Madrid Sept., 27th 2012
Switzerland Zürich Oct., 2nd 2012
UK London Oct., 4th 2012
The Netherlands Amsterdam Oct., 9th 2012
Belgium Brussels Oct., 11th 2012
Nordic Stockholm Oct., 16th 2012
Eastern Europe Warsaw Oct., 18th 2012
Italy Milan Oct., 23rd 2012

The workshops' focus and excellent content addresses high class pricing concepts for organizations starting on the pricing journey, as well as high level expertise for pricing professionals already engaged in this fundamental business discipline. The workshops will be delivered by well-known pricing experts, all of them recognized as best in class practitioners and frequent speakers at main pricing events as PPS' annual conferences.

Participation is highly recommended as attendees will benefit in numerous ways:

  • Accessing to world class pricing capabilities, best in class pricing concepts and key success factors for developing optimized pricing strategies and effective pricing execution.
  • Networking with peers from leading organizations.
  • Taking advantage of the workshop for Pricing Professional Credit Certification (CPP from PPS).

As the number of the workshops' participants is strictly limited, early registration is essential. The price for the one day workshop is 695EUR, additional attendees from the same organization -- even from different countries -- get discounts. Press members need to register to receive their free access pass. For more information and registration contact Pricing Solutions Europe via inajera@pricingsolutions-eu.com.

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