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Mr. Jason Waxman, General Manager, Cloud Infrastructure Group, Intel, said, "With cloud infrastructure, servers are typically virtualized and shared across multiple lines of business or even among multiple organizations rather than dedicated to specific lines of business. When IT wants to link multiple cloud data centers together to gain efficiencies -- the tools to secure this far-reaching infrastructure are still evolving. This lack of visibility -- even in private clouds that are behind a company's firewall -- have people concerned because they no longer have dedicated equipment for their line of business and instead are using shared, multi-tenant resources. This is why 61% of IT that were surveyed are concerned about having less control and visibility over these shared resources, even in a private cloud. Intel and McAfee are working to address these challenges and advance security solutions for cloud services."

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Videx CyberLock
Videx announced the release of its latest CyberLock Flex System module. The CyberLock Flex System Keyport is part of a sophisticated access control system designed to increase security, track and control access, and improve key control throughout a facility.

The Keyport module is a component of the Flex System, an expansion platform that brings all of the benefits of a wired access control solution to the key-centric CyberLock system. This rugged, weatherized multifunction module can serve as both a CyberLock communication device and a Flex System input device.

As a CyberLock communicator, the Keyport downloads audit trail information from CyberKey smart keys and reports access activity to the management software. Simultaneously, the Keyport module updates keys with new access schedules, permissions, and system updates. The audit trail pulled from the key includes the time, date, and location of both access granted and access denied events.

As a Flex System module, the Keyport serves as an input device for operating a wired door. Upon presentation of an authorized CyberKey, it will release any Flex System compatible electric strike, unlocking the lock. As an alternative, a Keyport module can be configured to drive other security-related relay devices such as alarms, lights, or cameras.

"The Keyport provides another simple-to-deploy, cost-effective option for any organization seeking to increase security with the CyberLock turnkey solution," said James McGowan, VP of Sales and Marketing at Videx.

Videx, Inc. will be showcasing the CyberLock Flex System at the ASIS show in Philadelphia, PA, September 10-12, booth 730.

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Wave Systems Corp. recently announced that it launched Wave Cloud, a cloud-based service for enterprise-wide management of self-encrypting drives (SEDs). The company's new subscription-based service introduces a game-changing platform for enterprises that wish to rapidly deploy centrally-managed hardware-based data encryption on laptops -- all without the complexity and cost associated with maintaining on-premise servers.

SEDs provide one of the best defenses against data breach. Based on the Opal specification published by the Trusted Computing Group, the drives are available from leading storage vendors at little to no incremental cost from a wide range of PC suppliers, including Dell, HP, Lenovo and others. Solid-state versions of SEDs are also available. Advantages over software encryption include better performance (because encryption happens on a chip, it doesn't compete for processing cycles); faster deployment (unlike software, SEDs don't require an initial encryption cycle); and enhanced security (encryption cannot be turned off or otherwise compromised by the end user).

Yet despite the advantages, the need for dedicated servers and in-house IT expertise -- along with tight IT budgets -- has hampered wider encryption adoption.

"Organizations are looking for ways to leverage cloud offerings to reduce the complexity and costs of deploying endpoint encryption," said Eric Ouellet, VP Secure Business Enablement at Gartner. "While the endpoint encryption market is relatively mature, deployment challenges remain. Offerings that can provide standardized, simple-to-use frameworks for typically cumbersome tasks could help accelerate growth in this segment."

These factors, coupled with the rising popularity of cloud-based services, were the drivers for the development of Wave Cloud.

"Wave Cloud opens the door for a new generation of users to discover the top-shelf endpoint data protection afforded by SEDs," said Brian Berger, Wave's Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales. "The service offers a capital-efficient and easily scalable means for rolling out self-encrypting drives in the enterprise -- with the same management features to be expected from the Wave brand: remote management, policy enforcement and password retrieval."

Subscriptions start at $37 per drive per year with a one-year agreement.

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For more information: www.wave.com (NASDAQ: WAVX)


Merriman Capital
Also related to Wave Systems, Mr. Joel Achramowicz, Managing Director, Equity Research, Merriman Capital, Inc., said, "How can we ensure security and authenticate external access to data at the systems level when employees are using all types of mobile platforms at remote locations?

"This concern caused us to become interested in developments in Trusted Computing and the TCG consortium. It seemed evident to us that endpoint security will be one of the next major system challenges for multi-nationals around the world. We believe that the TCG standards can help these institutions regain control of their distributed, mobile workforces with some modicum of secure computing based the TCG standards platform. Every mobile device it seems to us must have a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for reliable authentication. Moreover, every disk must have a controller that can encrypt data directly on the drive to protect this critical and vulnerable data store -- particularly on laptops and tablets. We call these drives Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs). The TCG is evangelizing the incorporation of TPMs, SEDs and critical endpoint security polices its established to ensure better computing security for the new era of ubiquitous mobile interactions.

"Some of the companies we like that are championing TCG standards going forward include Microsoft with its forthcoming Windows 8 platform; Wave Systems with its comprehensive set of software applications that can manage disparate endpoint devices at the systems level; and, we're intrigued about ARM Holdings, which has recently joined the TCG and is we believe planning to incorporate TCG standards into its popular processor cores."

For the complete interview: http://www.securitystockwatch.com/Interviews/Investment_Trends.html


5th International Service Technology Symposium
London, UK
September 24-25, 2012

Over 100 speakers and over 200 organizations will be participating at this year's International Service Technology Symposium (www.servicetech.co) in London. Founded by Arcitura, this is the world's largest event dedicated to Service Technology, SOA, Cloud Computing and Big Data, featuring top industry experts and authors, along with CCP and SOACP certification workshops from SOASchool.com and CloudSchool.com. Look for talks from: Gartner, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, NASA, DoD, HP, SAP, Open Group, OASIS, OMG, and many more. For an exclusive registration fee of $99/£65/EUR80, enter Promo Code: JQ4TYU01M


ASIS International 58th Annual Seminar & Exhibits
September 10-13, 2012 I Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

More than 20,000 security professionals will head to Philadelphia this September 10-13 for the most exciting, informative, and innovative security event of the year -- ASIS 2012 (http://www.asis2012.org/Pages/Seminar-Home-Page.aspx). If you are responsible for protecting human, logical, or physical assets for your organization, city, or nation -- you can't afford to miss ASIS 2012. It is here that you will discover what's changed, what works, and what's next in the industry. 

  • Best education program in the industry
  • Unparalleled networking opportunities
  • Exhibit hall packed with innovative solutions

Register today! www.asis2012.org


PSA Security Network Announces Dates for PSA-TEC 2013
May 6-10, 2013
Westin Westminster
Westminster, Colorado

PSA Security Network announced the date and location of its 2013 industry leading education and networking event, PSA-TEC. PSA-TEC offers physical security professionals the opportunity to earn or maintain industry credentials, as well as build their knowledge and professional network in business optimization and acumen, the latest technologies, managed services, leadership development, and much more.

PSA-TEC 2013 will be held from May 6 -10, 2013, with the exhibit hall open on Wednesday, May 8, at the Westin Westminster in Westminster, Colorado. Early bird registration is set to begin on February 18, 2013 and end on April 19, 2013.

"PSA-TEC is truly one-of-a-kind and is open to all security professionals, from the integrator to the end-user. The 2012 event exceeded the expectations of PSA-TEC attendees and event sponsors, and we fully expect PSA-TEC 2013 to continue the tradition of constant improvement," stated Bill Bozeman, President and CEO of PSA Security Network. "We are proud to be able to bring together elite professionals and visionaries from the security industry to learn about the latest specialized technologies, industry developments, and business management techniques. There is something of value here for personnel at any level of the organization."

For more information: http://www.buypsa.com/Education/PSA-TEC
For our interview with Mr. Bill Bozeman:
For more PSA Security Network News: http://blog.buypsa.com/category/press-releases
For more information about PSA Security Network: http://www.buypsa.com/


October 30-31, 2012
Javits Center
New York, New York

"After consulting with ISC attendees, exhibitors, supporters, and Associations to determine what is working and what needs improvement, the consensus was to have the Northeast's largest annual gathering of security professionals go back to its roots. As a result, ISC Solutions will again be known and run as ISC East. Over and over, people familiar with the show told us that 'We don't care what you name it, we call it ISC East,'" emphasizes Ed Several, senior vice president, ISC Events. "They want it to be the East Coast version of ISC West for all segments of the security channel. They want a place where they can network with peers, meet their customers, see new products, and get relevant education to improve their skills. Therefore, we will be adding the best of ISC West along with some distinctly Northeast features to ISC East."

"The exhibition, to be held October 30-31, 2012, at the Javits Center will feature over 300 exhibitors showcasing new products, technologies and services to a wide range of security professionals. For dealers, installers, integrators, and specifiers, the Event will focus on retro-fitting and updating to increase profits. For end users, achieving business optimization is the main theme. Both concepts will be supported by key exhibitors and free high quality education."

For more information see ISC's Press release here: http://www.isceast.com/en/Press/Press-Releases/We-Call-it-ISC-East/


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