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Rob McLeod, a resident of Calgary, Alberta, set a new Quadruped World Record at the Denver Quadruped, August 5 18, 2012 in Denver, Colorado when he threw a Frisbee 116.5 yards to Davy Whippet, breaking the current Quadruped World Record they first set in Houston by more than 15 yards. He also won the Denver Quadruped and, combined with his 2nd place finish in Houston a few months earlier, was crowned the 2012 Quadruped National Champion.

"I've been practicing throwing a lot since Houston to get longer and longer throws and I've been practicing at least twice a month with Davy to make sure that we were ready for Denver," said McLeod.

Rob and Davy have been busy since setting the Quadruped record in Houston. They've traveled to Kansas City, Ontario, Denver and have also ran three demos, showing off their talents to both kids and grownups alike. First up was an anti bullying demo for the Edmonton Rush back in February, then it was the Rainmaker Rodeo in May and finally a demo for the Calgary Humane Society in June.

McLeod is planning another World Record attempt with Davy Whippet where they will he going after the ultimate World Record, the WFDF world record for longest throw and catch to a dog, which is currently held by Mark Molnar, who threw a disc to Cheyenne Whippet 118.9m which is around 130 yards. To put that into perspective, an NFL football field is 100 yards from goal line to goal line. If Rob and Davy are successful, they would also go into the Guinness Record books since WFDF is the official sanctioning body for disc records.

The World Record attempt is planned for Saturday August 25 from 1-3pm at the Queen Elizabeth Jr/Sr High School in Kensington off 6th Ave and 16A St SW. If you'd like to come witness this World Record attempt, please let Rob know by contacting him at the information below. Full event details are on Facebook at:

In his spare time McLeod teaches dog owners how to throw Frisbees for their dogs and can be booked for clinics through his website

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