SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 27, 2012) - Net Optics, Inc., the leading provider of Intelligent Access and Monitoring Architecture, today announced that its Phantom Virtualization Tap's Management server is in the final stage of integration with VMware's vCenter 5.0 Management System.

Compatibility with this latest version of the vSphere system is a major advance along Net Optics' committed path to provide VM-level monitoring policies in its Phantom Virtualization Tap. The new functionality advances the virtual server level monitoring policies provided in previous releases of Phantom software. Full compatibility and interoperability with vCenter 5.0 not only upgrades the Phantom Virtualization Tap itself, but on a larger scale actualizes Net Optics' twin goals for its customers: 1) providing total access capabilities in physical and virtual environments; and 2) enabling unrestricted monitoring at any tool of choice, whether virtual or physical.

Net Optics' original 2011 release of the Phantom Virtualization Tap had offered full integration with vSphere 4.1. Since VMware's early 2012 release of vSphere 5.0, Net Optics has worked to upgrade the Tap to deliver that same full interoperability with vSphere 5.0.

As VMware adds functionality, Net Optics will continue to engineer the Phantom Virtualization Tap to support seamless integration with VMware products. "At Net Optics, we make it a priority to provision the Phantom Virtualization Tap with VM lifecycle visibility and capabilities," said Ran Nahmias, Net Optics Sr. Director of Virtualization and Cloud Solutions. "This administrative compatibility enables correlation of monitoring data with essential system events, such as the population of new VMs." 

When a VM transitions, the Phantom Management Server can ensure that monitoring policies migrate automatically from the old server to the new one hosting the VM without operator intervention. Enabling continuous, undisturbed monitoring sessions -- regardless of VM lifecycle events -- makes for superior accuracy, time-efficiency, and savings on operations costs. The implemented integration pulls from vCenter to the Phantom Virtualization Tap any relevant information about all Virtual Machines, whether in a single data center deployment or in a deployment spanning multiple, global data centers. This information includes VM lifecycle events, starting with new VM creation. It also encompasses when a VM is started, stopped, paused, destroyed and live migrated to another physical Host. Additional relevant information would include the physical server on which a VM is assigned to run and the vSwitch that a VM is connected to. 

Availability of this information is key in allowing the Phantom Virtualization Tap's Management Server to deliver support for dynamic VM-level monitoring policies. A customer's IT team can view a list of all VMs in the data center and identify which are currently being monitored. The team can then specify monitoring policies that apply only to specific VMs and not to the entire physical server. Soon, Net Optics we will be able to provide continuous monitoring regardless of machine transitions, and correlate system or resource issues with the underlying conditions that caused them for a total, holistic understanding of the network. 

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