PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - Aug 27, 2012) - Exterro®, the leading provider of unified electronic discovery software, today unveiled more than 250 upgrades to the Exterro Fusion® e-discovery platform. The new advancements deliver greater control over all e-discovery phases and provide expanded capabilities for managing global matters and internal investigations. The new features are being showcased this week at the ILTA 2012 conference, taking place at the Gaylord National Hotel near Washington, D.C., in Exterro's booth (#234).

"Complex e-discovery and big data management require handling large ESI volumes from a wide range of data sources. Our Global 2000 clients are demanding technology that delivers built-in workflows, integration capabilities, advanced analytics and intuitive management dashboards in a single platform," said Ted Gary, senior product marketing manager at Exterro. "The many upgrades to the Exterro Fusion platform represent our continued innovation of and commitment to meeting our clients' and the market's current and future e-discovery requirements."

Unifying Advancing E-Discovery Management
Exterro Fusion enables both legal and IT teams to establish consistent, repeatable business processes for managing complex caseloads across all EDRM phases. A highlight of the newest advancements includes:

  • Expanded global enterprise readiness. To help multinational clients maintain greater control of their global e-discovery operations, the Exterro Fusion platform has been upgraded with the following:
    • Distributed collection centers that support the global search of ESI with localized collections for greater load balancing, improved network performance and enhanced foreign jurisdiction compliance
    • Enhanced, multi-language support that enables a client's users to interact with the Exterro Fusion platform in their desired language
    • Custom labeling that allows local, company-specific terminology to be incorporated into the Exterro Fusion platform for improved ease of use
  • Proactive intelligence. The upgrades deliver greater visibility into multiple aspects of e-discovery operations for real-time decision making and budgetary management, including:
    • Matter 360° -- Exterro's new dashboard interface that provides a high-level summary and chronological view of the e-discovery matter life cycle by phase
    • Master custodial-level reports that offer complete details of custodians and their data sources
    • Email threading, which offers insight into potentially missing emails during in-place ECA and later stage review analysis
  • Advanced preservation control. Powerful advancements have been made to Fusion Legal Hold™, including:
    • Client-driven silent legal hold establishment and release, which is critical to internal investigations and prevents alerting a custodian about confidential legal matters
    • HR and matter management integration, which enables the legal hold creator to view historical, current and future custodian employment status changes and departures
    • Custodian interview integration which adds the ability to attach a custodian interview, as well as supporting documents, to a legal hold notice

Demonstrations of all the new features in the Exterro Fusion e-discovery software suite are being given at ILTA 2012 (#ILTA12), taking place August 27-30 at the Gaylord National Hotel near Washington, D.C. Demonstrations in Exterro's booth, #234. For more information, visit Exterro's website at www.exterro.com.

About Exterro
Exterro, Inc. is the leading provider of unified e-discovery software. The proven Exterro Fusion® platform delivers a 360-degree view into the critical data and workflows required for defensibly and cost-effectively managing e-discovery across the EDRM spectrum. The innovative suite of e-discovery applications built on the Fusion platform unifies all phases of e-discovery -- from identification, legal hold and early case assessment (ECA) to collection, processing, analysis, review and production. Fusion's open architecture integrates seamlessly with existing business processes and enterprise infrastructures. To learn more, visit www.exterro.com.