SUTTON, MA--(Marketwire - Aug 29, 2012) - Interstate Specialty Products, Inc. is introducing custom die cut FKM (fluorocarbon elastomer) gaskets and seals for applications requiring resistance to oils and harsh chemicals. They can be fabricated to meet demanding OEM customer requirements.

Interstate FKM Gaskets & Seals are ideally suited for applications that require resistance to fuels, oils, solvents, ozone, and harsh chemicals at temperatures from -10°F to 400°F. Die cut to precise specifications, these flouroelastomer gaskets, static seals, and dynamic seals can be fabricated in many shapes and sizes from 0.015" thick in single- and multiple-ply variations.

Capable of operating at high vacuum and pressure, the chemical resistant Interstate FKM Gaskets & Seals are suitable for use in pumps, compressors, instruments, and a wide variety of mechanical components where exposure to harsh chemicals, fluids, and ozone attack are present. When softer materials are required, FKM sponge is available in 0.125", 0.250", 0.375", and 0.500" sizes.

Interstate FKM Gaskets & Seals are priced according to configuration, quantity, and special OEM requirements. Interstate Specialty Products, Inc. is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified and ITAR registered.

About Interstate Specialty Products, Inc.

Interstate Specialty Products offers custom die cutting services for the manufacture of high-performance precision filters, membranes, gaskets, and related parts. Founded in 1963, the firm has served leading blue-chip companies in the chemical, diagnostic, electronic, industrial, instrumentation, medical, military, process, scientific, security and many other industries. Featuring digital die-less cutting, high speed cutting, and rotary die cutting capabilities, Interstate can fabricate parts ranging from miniature die cut products to components up to 60" x 120", with incredible precision, and will employ the appropriate technology for your application. Interstate Specialty Products, Inc. is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified and ITAR registered.

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