NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Aug 29, 2012) - Blurt, the app that lets you record and share 10-second audio updates with the world, launched today in beta on iOS and Android mobile devices. With the touch of a button, users can now record, review and share voice messages called "Blurts" privately with friends and family, or publicly with the entire Blurt community.

Unlike text updates on other social networks, Blurts allow users to express themselves with the authenticity and emotional richness of their own voice. They can quickly and easily bring experiences, such as vacations, birthday celebrations and holidays -- or just everyday happenings -- to life for followers near and far.

"The appeal of Blurt lies in its simplicity and utility," said Blurt co-founder Bob Bayne. "We've purposely limited blurts to 10 seconds in order to keep them clear and concise. Blurt users may choose to tell a funny one-liner, invite friends to a great party, spread news efficiently to a group of people or simply voice their opinions. We're looking forward to hearing all the ways our users share and communicate with each other."

"Blurt is about giving social media users the power of voice and allowing it to enhance their social networking experience," added Blurt co-founder Clark Burgard.

Blurt's features include:

  • Text tagging - tag Blurts with text descriptions to categorize them for listeners.
  • Search - use the search feature to sort, prioritize and hear what friends are Blurting.
  • Facebook sharing - post blurts to your Facebook wall, or choose to share them only on Blurt with followers.
  • Email notifications - opt to receive emails when friends post new Blurts.
  • Privacy controls - Blurt in Private mode strictly to friends and family or broadcast in Public mode to all Blurt users.

Blurt also provides a platform to help build and promote both commercial and personal brands. For instance, public figures can engage with their fans, and fans know that Blurts are coming straight from the mouths of their favorite personalities, not their social media assistants.

Blurt is now available to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android users, free of cost, in the Apple App Store or in Google Play. For more information about Blurt, please visit

About Blurt
Blurt is the app that lets you record and share 10-second audio updates -- called Blurts -- with the world. Blurt provides authenticity for users and allows them to express emotion to their followers, while brands can also benefit from the app by engaging their audiences and promoting customer loyalty. Developed by the InterNetwork Broadcasting team, which boasts more than 50 years of combined broadcast and social media expertise, Blurt is committed to providing users with the best, easiest-to-use platform to share personal audio updates. Please visit and

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