SOUTHBURY, CT--(Marketwire - Aug 30, 2012) - To get the look and feel that a newly-designed room can offer, you don't need to break the bank or even invest in new furniture. There are a few stylish, yet simple, changes that will add real excitement to any newly designed room. "These inexpensive suggestions can be transforming and rewarding," says Decor&You® Founder and President Karen Powell. 

"It's as simple as changing up color, accessories, and the functional layout of a room," says Powell. "More people are enjoying do-it-yourself decorating, while tapping into a professional to plan parts of the project to create living space with enduring appeal. It can add to the fun to have a pro do it with you."

Color Plan - There's a lot to consider, when you create a color plan for any room. Paint produces the most dramatic change for the least amount of money. However, be careful because it is easy to make a mistake choosing not only the paint color, but also the paint value -- the lightness or darkness of the color. Room color should be subtle yet significant. Have fun selecting colors for your walls, as well as for the trim, ceiling, and accent pieces. Use color to make your own personal statement that is welcoming and genuinely comfortable.

Accessory Plan - This is where you can really have fun and create a room with personality. Think about what inspires you. Is it nature? How about using natural accent pieces made of wood, or interesting floral arrangements that accent your color plan? Consider inspirational photography, pillows, artwork, or new simple window treatments and area rugs. Accessorizing allows you to work in your accent pieces at different levels in a room, making it a more interesting space in your home.

Space Plan - With any room, the functional layout is critical to its enjoyment and appeal. Optimize the space in the room first to support its function. And depending on its use, creating a flexible space plan is ideal, one that can accommodate the occasional larger crowd if needed. If you need more space, consider removing a piece of furniture or having one do double duty, such as an ottoman that also poses as a table for trays when entertaining. 

"There are so many fun ways to bring a room back to life, and having a plan is essential," says Powell. "Working with a professional decorator can be very affordable and may even help save money in the long run."

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