TULSA, OK--(Marketwire - Sep 5, 2012) - As the economy slowly recovers and hiring increases, up to 32 percent of employees are planning to leave their employers in 2012, compared to just 19 percent two years ago. And when such a high number of employees move on, companies will not only lose the skills and experience of their current talent to the competition; they also lose the potential of those employees to take on advanced leadership positions within the company. In order to keep employees who display the ability to move into managerial roles, organizations must be able to identify their high potential talent.

To help organizations improve the way they hire, retain and develop high-potential employees and maintain a competitive edge, Hogan Assessment Systems today released its new white paper, "Five Steps to a Better High Potential Program." The report offers best practices on how companies can use well-validated personality assessments to identify the high potential employees within their organizations, and to help develop these individuals as they emerge as effective and valuable leaders.

But, developing a successful high potential program does not stop at identifying the right individuals. Even when companies understand who their high potentials are, they often still struggle to retain these star performers. A recent survey shows that 25 percent of employer-identified high potentials are disengaged and plan to leave their company. It is therefore crucial that organizations understand high potentials' strengths and potential derailers, and have a complete development and training program in place to ensure they receive proper training and opportunities to advance internally and maintain high engagement, and to discourage these individuals from taking their experience to a competitor.

"Five Steps to a Better High Potential Program" provides five strategies that companies can follow when implementing a robust and effective high potential development program:

1. Define potential.
2. Identify high potential employees.
3. Use an objective measure.
4. Pay attention to engagement.
5. Develop high potential employees.

"Focusing on employee potential is a proven way to maximize organizational performance. So why do so many companies lack a comprehensive plan to identify, retain and develop their high potential employees?" said Ryan Ross, vice president of Global Alliances at Hogan Assessments. "Personality assessments are crucial in gaining an objective view of an individual's strengths and weaknesses and how they compare to others. Our new best practices guide explains how organizations can leverage assessments to identify their high potentials and develop a plan that keeps them engaged, motivated and excited about staying with their company and leading the organization to achieve its goals."

"Five Steps to a Better High Potential Program" is now available for complimentary download at: http://info.hoganassessments.com/better-high-potentials

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