PITTSBURGH, PA--(Marketwire - Sep 7, 2012) - Brunner proudly announces that they have hired maverick creative mind Declynn James as their newest creative director. At a mere 26 months old, Declynn is the youngest creative director in the industry and heralds big things to come from the Pittsburgh-based ad agency.

"Every agency is looking to tap into fresh, young talent," said executive creative director Rob Schapiro. Skipping the usual recruitment methods, Schapiro went straight to a resource he knew would be untapped: the 24- to 36-month room at a local preschool.

"I remember the moment the headhunter called me. She said that school management had escorted her off the premises, but not before she found the right candidate," Schapiro went on to say. "We wanted someone with a voice no one had heard before, and that will definitely be the case with Declynn, once he actually starts speaking full sentences."

Agency owner and CEO Michael Brunner is excited about what this new hire will bring to the table. "This is a bold move. Not many agencies would take on a CD this young, but when you meet with him, you can see he has this way of looking at things as if it's the first time he's ever laid eyes on them. He has a sense of wonder that exudes unbound creativity. If he does half the things we think we can tell he intends to, we have a banner year ahead of us."

When questioned about this unconventional decision, the agency statement is short and simple: "Just wait until you see his work."

Declynn James' full bio can be viewed on the Brunner website at brunnerworks.com.

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