RIVERSIDE, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 11, 2012) - Dr. Christopher Chung and his Riverside plastic surgery practice have announced they will be offering laser liposuction at a special discounted price for patients looking to enhance their figure before the end of summer. Patients will be able to receive two treatment areas for the price of one, with each additional area for only $995. In order to qualify for the reduced pricing, Dr. Chung says patients must have their laser liposuction procedure scheduled before September 30, 2012.

Designed to help patients remove problem areas of fat and achieve a more toned appearance, laser liposuction allows the plastic surgeon to facilitate fat breakdown, creating a more effective result through improved volume reduction and skin tightening. Using a micro-laser fiber, the Riverside plastic surgeon says he is able to thermally disrupt and emulsify fat cells. Then, coupled with a specialized, mechanical power-assisted unit, he gently aspirates the melted fat cells, while promoting blood vessel coagulation and increased collagen formation for healthier skin and a more sculpted shape. Following treatment, Dr. Chung says many patients are able to see results within a day or two, although the full outcome will continue to emerge over the next 10 to 12 months.

"Healing from liposuction is a staged process," says Dr. Chung. "Many patients appreciate the volume difference the very next day, before the swelling is readily apparent. In a way, this represents a 'glimpse' of what to expect, but quickly thereafter, the swelling process 'masks' the result. In general, swelling can last anywhere from 4-8 weeks. Once the majority of swelling subsides, skin contraction begins. While things may look healed from the outside and volume is significantly reduced, internal healing, or skin contraction, can take up to a year before it is completed."

Like traditional liposuction, Dr. Chung says ideal candidates for laser liposuction are patients who are generally healthy and near normal weight, but have some troublesome areas that have been resistant to regular exercise and dieting. However, he says one of the advantages of laser-assisted liposuction is that many patients who were marginal candidates for a traditional procedure due to compromised skin quality are now better candidates because the advanced laser energy allows for more effective skin tightening. While the procedure can provide successful rejuvenation and restoration of the body, Dr. Chung encourages patients to consider the gravity of undergoing surgery before making any decisions.

"Liposuction is not an answer to obesity or weight loss," he says. "Anyone who is not motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle should be discouraged from having liposuction."

Through the summer special, Dr. Chung says he is excited for the opportunity to extend the effective laser liposuction procedure to more of his patients. Having observed the results for himself, he says he hopes patients will take advantage of this unique chance to improve both their physical appearance and their self-esteem. As with any medical procedure, Dr. Chung says choosing an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon is essential to ensuring one's results are performed with the utmost standards in safety and quality.

"While technology is great, it can be detrimental if used improperly. It is of paramount importance to seek an experienced surgeon for all cosmetic procedures. In addition, as most elective surgeries are performed in an outpatient setting, it is important to verify that the facility is properly accredited by a nationally recognized agency (e.g. AAAASF) adhering to the highest safety standards."

About Christopher Chung, MD

A graduate of the University of San Francisco Medical School, Dr. Christopher Chung completed full training in General Surgery with Fellowship Training in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of California, San Diego Medical Center, accomplishing an eight-year postdoctoral program. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Chung has received numerous distinctions and awards, including the United States Special Congressional Recognition, California Legislature Assembly Certificate of Recognition, and The Character and Ethics Project Award.

Located at 2815 S. Main Street Suite #110 in Corona, CA, Dr. Chung's practice can be reached at (951) 278-8385. Dr. Chung and his team can also be contacted online via the website drchungplasticsurgery.com or facebook.com/drchungplasticsurgery.

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